How to Explore Your Consciousness and Have Mystical Experiences

Many people are wandering the world searching for a life that’s meaningful and profound. Some people turn to self-help books to overcome their inhibitions and live the life they want. But, what if we told you that all the answers you are looking for can be found within. All you need is a little guidance to explore your consciousness and connect to yourself on a spiritual level.

If you are searching for clarity, the answer to your prayers might be in a mystical experience. Expert guide Matt Beech explains the importance of reclaiming your spark and wisdom and gaining a centered, calm state of mind to live a life of purpose. Only when we are open to altering our perception of reality will we exceed our limitations and create the life we want. 


So, here are effective ways you can explore your consciousness and have mystical experiences. 

Mystical Meditation 

If you are eager to try this method but wish to ease your way into the experience, then meditating is a great way to explore your consciousness. The following are simple steps to achieving conscious meditation.


  • Find a Peaceful Environment 

Find a quiet and peaceful spot where you can be alone. A comfortable area where you can lie down and place all your focus on your inner thoughts. Some people like to play soothing music to help set the tone. When you tap into conscious meditation, you must allow yourself to be aware of your surroundings and your mind. This means that you cannot have distractions or be positioned in an area that derails your attempts to relax.


  • Focus on Your Breathing

A great way to start is by sitting with your legs crossed and back straight. Relax and concentrate on your breathing; make sure the pace of your exhales and inhales are slow. Each time you take a deep breath in and out, allow your body to relax so you can visualize the object of your choice.


  • Focus on Positive Feelings

This is where you choose an object that provides an element or feeling of love and peace; this could be something you find beautiful, such as the soft flames of a scented candle. This enables you to remain focused as you connect with the knowledge you seek through a powerful, loving, and peaceful source.


  • Embrace the Mystical Experience

As your mind is mentally occupied, you will soon find your awareness has shifted from your body to your mind. Your mind is expanding and you are now in a state of total consciousness. Your soul is the primary focus and you have allowed your physical body to temporarily disappear. Now, you can observe the cosmic consciousness you have entered and you can sense your surroundings while having the ability to transcend space and time. As your soul floats around in a state of pure consciousness, you are finally indulging in a mystical experience. This mystical experience makes you feel whole and one with yourself.


  • Meditate


Coming out of the mystical experience will leave you with a sense of peace, concentration, and relaxation. Remain quiet and continue to meditate after your mystical experience. This gives you time to process your newfound perspective on life, gives you the chance to let it sink in, and provides you with a boost of confidence on your new journey. Knowing that you can quiet your mind and meditate to expand it will show you that you are in control of your happiness and your state of mind. Through meditation, you can enter a place of stillness with no thoughts, feelings, or visualizations, and that will ensure you of the power your consciousness holds.


Explore Other Mystical Experiences

Meditation is most notably the easiest way to achieve mystical experiences on your own without a guide. However, there are several other ways to achieve mystical experiences that you can look into or you could consult a guide to help you explore your consciousness. These methods are through lucid dreaming, religious practices, and controlled stimulants.

Additionally, mystical experiences can be achieved unwillingly by people if they have been through a traumatic, life-changing, or near-death experience where the brain taps into its hallucinogenic chemicals like DMT when it believes it is in its final stages. Moreover, some mystical experiences can appear unprovoked. According to some researchers, these feelings can naturally occur when a person is in an intense emotional state. 


Depending on the type of experience you are hoping to attain, you will need to decide what route you would like to take to explore your consciousness. Many people prefer using a guide for safety, in case their nerves cause them to have a bad spiritual trip, especially those using stimulants to enhance their minds. However, there is nothing to fret about, mystical experiences will give you a sense of purpose and they will help you let go of the fear that is holding you back from creating the life you want.

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