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How to Find a High-Quality Car Subwoofer Enclosure

The most important thing for a car music system is its subwoofer. For a great bass in your car, one needs a decent size subwoofer that can provide perfect sound quality and reduce any noise interference from the surrounding. When you go looking for a subwoofer enclosure, think about the time you can save by purchasing a good quality enclosure from the shop instead of making it from scratch.

The subwoofer can produce vibrations of low frequency that can be felt throughout the car, which makes them perfect for your music enthusiast who loves to enjoy music. The low frequencies can make your surroundings vibrate, making you feel the music you are listening to and feel every beat. The high frequency causes the woofer to move a lot, making the subwoofer fall and break apart. Here the enclosure comes in handy that can save your subwoofer from breaking or getting damaged. This is the reason you should focus on buying a subwoofer enclosure to secure the expensive subwoofer.

Types of Subwoofer Enclosure

Subwoofer Driver

They must be fitted inside the subwoofer enclosure to function properly. To power these subwoofers, an extra amplifier is necessary.

Powered Subwoofer

These enclosures accommodate both an amplifier and a subwoofer. In your car, powered subwoofers take up very little room. However, the quantity of bass they can produce is restricted.

Bandpass Boxes

The subwoofer has a sealed enclosure with a ported box built in front of it. As a result, the ported box is separate from the subwoofer. This gives us a unique bass system that is better than the last enclosure system.  

Vehicle Specific Subwoofers

Many automobiles, trucks, and SUVs have them engineered to fit in a space-saving place. Car subwoofer box are not the ideal choice if you are searching for a particularly big bass.

Sealed Boxes

This enclosure is fully sealed that can have a single or several output aperture, but it does not have any vent. This enclosure is air-thigh, so no air can go in or out, thus causing a lot of pressure on the speaker’s body when it vibrates.

Ported Boxes

They come with a small aperture that can be used to regulate area pressure inside and outside the speaker. They put no extra pressure on your speakers.

Features for Subwoofer Enclosure


You have to examine the RMS power. Ensure the amplifier can handle the power of the subwoofer.


The sort of sound produced by the subwoofer is determined by the enclosure in which it is installed.

Voice Coils Number

Single and twin voice coils are available. When it comes to sound system wiring, dual voice coils provide you with more options.

Woofer Dimensions

Don’t just think about the subwoofer’s size. The power, sensitivity rating, and enclosure type should all be considered. Choose the largest subwoofer feasible if you want the system to play loud, soft music, and you have ample space. The little subwoofer should not be overlooked. If the subwoofer is installed appropriately and with the proper enclosure, it can perform as well as or better than larger speakers.

Benefits of the subwoofer enclosure

Subwoofer performance becomes optimal.

The most important function of a good quality subwoofer enclosure is that it makes your sound quality better and reduces any background sound. The enclosure stops the collision of sound that is produced from the front and back speakers of your music system. By stopping the collision from happening, the subwoofer system is able to produce an excellent bass for your music.    

Safeguard your subwoofer

The enclosure can protect your speaker from surrounding when they vibrate with high music. As they are placed in a small area of your car, too much movement can damage your subwoofer, causing a lot of expense. So it’s best to use subwoofer enclosures for protection.

Avoid being overheated

The speaker can get easily warm due to excess usage and sometimes cause overheating. This can also cause an electrical short circuit in your car causing permanent damage to your car. So it’s best to use enclosure as they have vented areas for your speaker that keep them cool even if they are used for longer times.

Aesthetically pleasing

The enclosures are designed in such a way that they can be carpeted to best match the exterior of your car. They can give a nice look to your car interior or, if placed in the trunk, can add class to it.

When placing a subwoofer enclosure, always check for air leaks and make sure that the subwoofer enclosure is made of good quality wood. If you find any leak, apply wood glue to seal it. This is the best measure that you can take to avoid any mishap from happening.

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