How to Find a Surrogate?

Deciding on who should carry your future child is a decision too large to take lightly. There are so many parts of the process and so many things that may be important to you that many get overwhelmed or confused by the process.

What’s Important To You?

Before you go looking for a surrogate, consider what’s important to you for the pregnancy. How much can you pay to support the surrogate? Do you have an age group you feel more comfortable using? Is there any dietary care that you’d like taken during the pregnancy, whether it’s following a kosher or halal diet, or sticking to vegetarianism until birth?

How close do you want the surrogate to live with you, and would you like to make contact often during the pregnancy? Make a list of these essential details, and then you’re ready to start searching.  Here are the top steps to take to find your surrogate.

Word of Mouth

This option can be more potent than you’d think. Family and friends discussing your possible pregnancy may seem daunting at first, but think about what your pregnancy means to you. If you’re willing to let people idly gossip, there’s the chance that one of them could find someone who’s the perfect fit for you. Let friends and family know what you’re interested in, and be honest if they bring you someone that you don’t want. You’re here for a perfect fit.

Social Media

Like word of mouth, social media relies on your ability to get people to talk about your situation. Talk about it on Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media. This listing will get more eyes on it and may help you find someone who’s an excellent fit for you.

Going Through A Clinic

A clinic is how most people approach surrogacy. The problem with this is that this route is often more expensive, and there’s still no promise that you’ll find someone within your first year of searching. These clinics are well versed in surrogacy law and will help you start.

Post on Surrogacy Articles

Women who are considering being a surrogate will regularly look at articles and research them before making up their minds. Comment on these articles, say a little about yourself, and let people know that you’re currently looking for a surrogate. This step will help your chances and give you an outlet to research surrogacy more.

Create A Website or Facebook Page

This option may feel a little uncomfortable but set up a website that tells others what you’re hoping to find. Be honest, leave an email- not your phone number- and let people know what you have to offer in exchange for their time and literal labor.

Join Groups or Clubs for Surrogate Connections

Groups can be a more natural way to meet surrogates. These meetings allow you to greet surrogates face-to-face and better feel for what type of person these possible surrogates are. Aim for groups close to your home, since it’s more likely that the others will live nearby and be more likely to meet up during the pregnancy.

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