How to Find Best Time to Post on Instagram?

Consider the Excellent Time Zone When Your Followers Mostly Online:

Posting is good but a post done at the wrong time means fewer views and reactions. So, you have to choose the best time to post on Instagram. The best time is when your all Instagram followers or at least most of them are online. The followers come online according to their time zone, so you must think about that before posting.

To find the time zone and best time when the followers are online, you can use Instagram Insights which is Instagram’s native analytics tool. You don’t need to do much to get access to Instagram Insights but to have a business Instagram profile.

· Information You Get Through Instagram Analytics:

You get all the information of your audience through Instagram Insights including locations, sex, age, and their most active time on Instagram. So, that’s basically, everything you can ask for. Collect these figures and find an average time zone where most of your followers come online. Schedule your posts according to time and get more reactions and views.

But not days are the same and people don’t use the same time on all days, how to find the best time in this case? Well, you have to experiment with that:

· Experiment with the Posting Time on Different Days:

You don’t need a tool but a spreadsheet to write down figures. All you have to do is make three or four schedules to post on Instagram based on the data gathered from Instagram Analytics. Now, try to find the number of reactions and post engagements according to different timings. Here you can find regarding different days and different timings. While posting make sure to buy IG views from Instagrowing to get instant results.

· Post on Three Different Times during One Whole Week:

You have readied information through Instagram Analytics and experiments. Suppose, you have found that followers remain active between 4 PM to 11 PM. Now, try to schedule your post during all the hours that come in the intervals of 4 to 11. For the next week, try to alter one hour above and down while posting. Keep collecting page performance and follower engagement on the spreadsheet.

Some More Factors to Consider the Best Time to Post on Instagram:

If you find out that you have an audience from all over the world coming online at different time intervals according to their different time zones. You cannot use any hard and fast rule of the time zone to post on Instagram. In such cases, you should consider some of the following general points:

· Post According to Various Time Zones:

You should come online on and off and keep posting some stuff. It doesn’t mean that you should remain active 24×7, schedule the posts for four hours, and go offline. After four hours, come again and schedule the post for the next hours, and so on.

To do this, you will just have to divide your day into four different chunks each containing four hours. Keep tracking engagements on the posts and wave off the hours when users were less responsive. Keep editing your posting hours according to post engagement.

· Don’t Post During Work Hours but Breaks and Offs:

During work hours, even if a person opens Instagram, he won’t pay attention to the posts but simply look at notifications and go offline. Also, the chances are rare for people to come online during duty as most of them have hard rules with smartphones at work.

Therefore, it is best that you post during lunch breaks and off times. People are prone to use social media apps during this time as they want to update their statuses regarding their foods and meet-ups.

Therefore, chances are huge for them to see your posts and offer good feedback. The best time here would be between 11 AM to 1 PM as different offices have different break hours yet they all lie between the aforementioned three hours.

In the evening, post before 7 PM and at the same time buy IG views from Instagrowing to attract more people. people will check their social media while traveling home. You can also post during another time of the day as there is no hard and fast rule.

· The Best Posts at Best Time According to Your Audience and Company Nature:

Well, two types of users use Instagram to get views, likes, and engagements. One is the B2B Company while the other one is bloggers and entertainers. Now, B2B companies get the best engagements during weekdays.

This is because most of their business partners and users are also related to a business that they complete during weekdays. Therefore, if you are in business related to B2B companies, you should post the best thing during the best and most occupied working hours.

On the other hand, if you are a blogger and an entertainer, you will have to wait for weekends. Save your best posts for weekends to get more engagements. However, don’t leave the page empty during weekdays.

When you do such hard work for your Instagram profile and post engagement, there is nothing that will stop you from getting successful engagements from your followers. So, consider these points every time you want to post something and get more reactions.

Make sure to keep checking your profile insights and page performances. Keep editing posting schedules according to the data you get from page insights and customer engagements.

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