How to Find the Best Hair System Manufacturer for My Business

Hair loss has become a prevalent problem disturbing the lives of millions of people from all over the world in many ways. Hair systems, as a non-surgical hair loss solution that is safe, transformative, and affordable, are more popular than ever with a vast amount of users worldwide. That is why the number of hair system sellers that are eager to make the most of this highly lucrative business has been skyrocketing in many regions.

To distinguish your business from the such keen competition, finding the best hair system manufacturer remains one of the most decisive factors in whether your business will stand out and sustain itself in the long run.

Yes, that is a piece of very constructive advice to keep in mind, whether you have already started your hair system business or you are just planning to start one. Without the things you can get only from the right hair system manufacturers, your business growth is limited to a very large degree.

Despite that, finding the best hair system manufacturers for your business turns out to be quite a challenge if you have not figured out the tricks. But worry no more, as this article will shed light on all the key points that are very conducive to selecting the right hairpiece manufacturer for your business.

When running your hair system business, the two most important things you should never stop working on are widening your customer base and maximizing your profit margin. Most things you are doing for your business should serve these two goals. And you need to make sure your hair system manufacturers can meet all the following criteria.

They Offer Very Good Wholesale Prices

This is particularly significant. There are really wide differences in the hair system industry between wholesale and retail prices. In many places with a strong purchase power, most hair systems can be sold to the wearers at prices that double or triple how much they are wholesaled from the manufacturers. And that is where your profit comes from.

It is not hard to imagine that the lower the wholesale prices you can get from your manufacturers, the larger your profit margin will become. On the other hand, the wholesale prices of the same hair system models of similar classes vary considerably among hairpiece manufacturers. 

Generally speaking, it costs quite a lot less to wholesale hair systems from hairpiece manufacturers in Asia than to wholesale from North America and Europe. And the quality differences are pretty minimal, comparatively speaking. This is primarily due to an extended workforce being needed to handcraft the hair system products, and the labor cost in the Western world is more than times that in many Asian countries.

In addition, the material costs much more in those Western countries as well. So no matter where you are located globally, it is always wise to go for hair system manufacturers located in Asia, instead of North America and Europe, to get the best wholesale prices. And the cost differences between domestic shipping and international shipping are pretty minor.

They Have Private Labeling Service

The best hair system manufacturers not only offer you very good hair system products at great wholesale prices. They also help you build up your own business brand. It is very important for you to always have brand awareness when running your hair system business. This is because brand loyalty matters considerably in your customer retention, as well as customer acquisition. You always want your brand name to be deeply rooted in your customers’ minds.

So they are more likely to come back to get their new hair systems from you once the old ones wear off. Your hair system manufacturers can help you in ways you probably do not think of to achieve that goal. 

Some hairpiece manufacturers can craft really delicate and presentable private labels reflecting your brand presence on each hair system you are getting from them. This will gradually help you build up your own hair system brand as your sales volume grows. They can design the logo and the packaging following your instructions with little cost. So you would not need to go for a third-party company that usually charges a lot more to perform that service. 

They Offer Dropshipping Service

Some people might not be very familiar with how dropshipping works. It is a type of retail fulfillment method for online stores in most cases, where instead of warehousing inventory, merchants purchase products from third-party suppliers as their customers place orders. The products are then directly shipped to the customers.

Dropshipping has become a ubiquitous and efficient shipping method appreciated for saving the costs and time of both sellers and their customers. It is pervasive among online businesses whose customers are located very far away and geographically diverse. 

As the number of online hair system suppliers have been booming, many hairpiece manufacturers nowadays offer dropshipping service to their partners at extra fees that are pretty minor. If you have an online or overseas business, it is recommended to consider hair system manufacturers offering such a service.

By partnering with them, not only will you considerably cut back on the warehousing and inventory management costs, but also the order delivery time will be shortened for your customers. If you have just started your business, dropshipping service can spare you from many risks and uncertainties since you would not need to spend much on stocking products that you are not very sure about.

They Have Their Own Factories

Not all so-called “hair system manufacturers” have their own factories, and you should distinguish them from those that do. By wholesaling hair system products from such hair system suppliers that do not have their own factories, you are not doing the best for your business in a few aspects. Since these suppliers need to wholesale hair systems from the actual manufacturers before selling them to you, you always need to pay a product markup that could have been otherwise avoided. So you are not getting factory-direct prices, which are relatively lower comparatively. 

On the other hand, such hair system suppliers do not have complete control over the quality of the hair systems since they are not in charge of the manufacturing work. So they would not be able to offer you any quality guarantees. If your customers later give you any feedback regarding the quality problems, your supplier is less likely to provide any practical support that can perfectly fix the issue. They would probably reach the actual manufacturer for assistance, which lowers the communication efficiency to a large degree. 

They Have Sound Return Policies and Product Warranty

Before building a business partnership with any hairpiece manufacturer, it is vital for you to have a deep understanding of their return policy and product warranty system and have a thorough examination and evaluation of their sample product. Because the quality of the hair systems you sell to your customers is always the key factor determining whether your business will last. Lousy quality will undoubtedly lead to fast customer loss in the hair system industry.

There are so many other alternative sellers to buy from. This would also result in a terrible reputation because the consumers can leave negative reviews on so many influential platforms, stopping your potential customers or future customers from choosing your brand.

A decent hairpiece manufacturer has really well-rounded and reassuring return policies and product warranty. By putting them into effect, they convey a message that they are fully accountable for any problems resulting from their product works. By doing so, they are also trying to imply that they are very sure about the quality of their products, and there will barely be any problems later that call for their return policies and product warranty to be referred to.

They Have an Outstanding Reputation

Reputation is one of the most authentic and convincing reflections of a company. And that is also the case when it comes to hair system manufacturers. The world has long entered the information age featured by a massive amount of online activities, which give rise to more platforms for consumers to leave their reviews on the products or services offered by a company. And this gives you a quick and direct way to judge a hair system manufacturer before making up your mind. 

A trustworthy hair system manufacturer generally has a much larger share of positive reviews than negative ones. Such reviews are from the people that have already partnered with the manufacturer. So they are a strong predictor of what things will be like between your business and the manufacturer in the future. So it helps quite a lot for you to do some research work on the reputation of the hair system manufacturers you have a willingness to work with and rule out those less reputed ones.

The above sums up all the key points in how to find the best hair system manufacturer for your business. In the search for your hair system manufacturer, it is recommended to hold onto as many of the above points as possible for the best of your own business. When searching for a hair system manufacturer in Asia, there are a few widely used e-commerce platforms where you would be able to build connections with your potential hair manufacturers.

The most prevalent one must be Alibaba which has hundreds of millions of users and hosts millions of merchants and businesses worldwide. Then comes Made-in-China, focusing mainly on Chinese suppliers. Many well-reputed Chinese hair system manufacturers including New Times Hair can be easily searched on this website. Both platforms are very easy to navigate and very safe to use. 

New Times Hair is with You

As a world-leading hair system manufacturer with ten years of experience in the hair system industry, New Times Hair could be the best place that can make a big difference in your hair system business. Over the past decade, we have partnered with thousands of hair system vendors of all kinds from more than 100 countries. They are hair salons, online shops, and hair system retailers and distributors.

Start a new hair system business journey filled with excitement and fruitfulness with New Times Hair!

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