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How to Find the Best Rubber Seal or Grommet for Any Application

Seals and sealing devices serve the needs of countless industries around the world. From automotive and aerospace to pharmaceutical and medical devices, many of the most important sectors helping to drive the economy today are using these vital rubber components day in and day out in their operations.

Of course, rubber seals are not one size fits all. They vary significantly in terms of what materials they are made of, how they are designed to function in various applications and even their actual shape and size.

Especially when it comes to manufacturing, companies need to know which seals and grommets work best in different circumstances. The following examples offer a brief glimpse into some of the key applications that require the right type of component.

Medical Plunger Grommet

The medical sector is full of applications that are as specialized as they are important. While your car breaking down can ruin your day, medical devices have a much higher standard to maintain. Those using these devices know that something going wrong can literally be a life-or-death scenario.

The medical plunger grommet is just one of the seals used frequently in the field. No, these are not the most complex devices in an industry full of high-tech, space-aged surgical equipment, but syringes and other related tools are used constantly by medical professionals, and they require a seal that simply will not fail.

Static Sealing Applications

Static sealing is a common requirement in the aerospace world, specifically within aircraft fuel systems. It is a tough job that requires tough materials that have fuel or lubricant resistance up to 400°F. This means manufacturers need to go with an o-ring that fits the bill and won’t break down.

Because of its properties, fluorosilicone elastomers are often used by the industry for these applications. Though not typically recommended for dynamic sealing, this material performs optimally in such cases due to its good compression set and ability to stand the test of time even with continued exposure to air, sunlight, and ozone.

Automotive Wiring

Modern cars are full of wires, and all these wires need to be run through something for protection and insulation. Wire grommets are the go-to choice for many manufacturers and come in a range of designs that are made from various types of rubber.

In these automotive applications, the key is to eliminate the potential of damage to the wires that are critical to the proper functioning of the vehicle. Typically, the sizes and designs are fairly standard, but sometimes custom wire grommets are needed in a vehicle.

Finding the Best Rubber Seals and Grommets

Even though seals and grommets may seem pretty basic, manufacturers offer a very broad range of products to the market. Because this is what modern industry demands. They are versatile components with so many different uses across a wide variety of sectors, and this requires so many different types of seals.

The medical industry — especially medical device makers — requires its own set of seals. Aerospace wouldn’t be able to stay in business without finding ways to complete the countless applications it demands. And the automotive world, too, requires specific seals to protect wiring, among many other uses.

They may just all seem fairly the same at first glance. But make no mistake, there are so many options out there, and these different seals really do help the world go around.

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