How to Find Trending Hashtags for Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social media platform. Based on TechCrunch, Instagram has over 1 billion active users as of 2018. Due to its popularity and new features, many celebrities, influencers, and the normal Joe post and share their moments on Instagram. You can see famous people like Kim Kardashian, or Rihanna post on Instagram with short captions and branded hashtags.

Speaking of hashtags, we all know that hashtags are an important aspect of marketing. Hashtags can make or break your Instagram post. If you’re a business owner and you want to increase your relevance and visibility, then hashtags should be your best friend. Of course, you will have to put much effort into practicing. Provided you receive some essay help by EssayHub essay writers, you’ll have free time for mastering this art. So, hurry up to attract your potential followers.

But, the question is how do you find trending hashtags for Instagram? Don’t worry because in this article we’ll talk about popular Instagram hashtags, and how to find trending hashtags.

How Do Hashtags Increase Engagement?

Hashtags increase engagement in two ways. One, Instagram users can follow Instagram hashtags. When they follow these hashtags, Instagram will show them posts related to the hashtag. It allows people who post with the hashtag to get viewed and increase engagement.

Another way is hashtags to help you get on the Explore page. The explore page is the page where the top trending Instagram posts are viewed based on your past activity. So, it will help you see posts that are related to the posts you liked and commented on. To aid Instagram’s algorithm in showing you relevant posts on the Explore page, they use hashtags to help them.

It will show posts that contain the hashtags you interacted with in the past. Hence, when you add hashtags to your Instagram post it will increase the probability of it being displayed on the Explore page. That’s why you gain new likes, comments, and followers.

Popular Instagram Hashtags

  • Branded hashtags – These hashtags are created by businesses to make their brands distinct from others. 
  • Product or service hashtags – These hashtags describe your product or service. Examples would be #croptops, #laceshoes, and #kneesocks. 
  • Community hashtags – These hashtags are used by certain communities on Instagram. Examples are #bloggers, #photographers, and #gardenersofinstagram. 
  • Niche hashtags – These hashtags are used for a specific niche such as food, business, and lifestyle. 
  • Seasonal hashtags – These hashtags refer to the different events and seasons in a year. Examples are #St.Patricks day, #Christmas2020, and #Summer.  
  • Acronym hashtags – These hashtags refer to famous acronyms such as YOLO, TBT, and OOTD. 
  • Daily hashtags – Aside from acronyms and seasonal hashtags, there are also daily hashtags such as #MondayBlues and #SundayFunday. 
  • Location hashtags – These are hashtags referring to a location.

How to Find Trending Hashtags for Instagram?

Instagram is unlike Twitter where it publicizes a list of trending hashtags. Hence, you need to find other ways to look for trending hashtags. To do so, we listed two proven ways you can look for trending hashtags on Instagram.

1- Use the search page on Instagram

One way to look for trending hashtags for Instagram is you have to manually search for them. Using the search page, type a hashtag. You’ll instantly see how many posts use that hashtag. Create a spreadsheet for you to list these hashtags related to your brand. You’ll also see related hashtags, so you can include them in your list. Then, narrow them down to what you want to use. 

2- Check the competition

Take a peek at your competitor’s Instagram page. We don’t mean that you copy their strategy but look at the hashtags for you to get a clue on what works for others in your industry. In this way, you can know what works for them and add a few differences to yours. Maybe you’ll also create a new hashtag that fits your brand. 

3- See what hashtags your target market is using

Another great way to find trending hashtags is to look at your audience’s posts and hashtags. Of course, what they’re using may also be used by other people. So, it’s good to search for these communities and learn about them. Also, keep an eye on your top followers. Look at what hashtags they are using and you can use them too to increase your visibility.

4- Use an Instagram Hashtag Generator

Task Ant is definitely one of the best hashtag generators! If you haven’t used it yet, well you should try it out. It’s very user-friendly and it can help you look for trending hashtags. TaskAnt will show you popular and successful hashtags based on the topics you searched for before. You can also curate these hashtags so you can create a good strategy.

Final Thoughts

Building your Instagram really depends on your hashtags. Hopefully, these tips can help you generate trending hashtags that you can use for your business. But, do use to make it easier for you to generate trending hashtags.

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