How To Get A Cat To Leave You Alone?

Since you’re reading this, it’s obvious you’re a cat person. Having a furry feline can be amazing; cats are lovable creatures that complete your home after all. But how often do you get time to yourself when you have such a clingy pet?

Not often enough. No matter how adorable they look, cats can be needy to the point where it’s frustrating. Sometimes, you just need a minute to yourself, but before you know it, something’s crawling up your leg and staring you in the eye. What’s worse is that onlookers think it’s cute while all you’re trying to do is work from home without having to shove your pet back to the floor every other instant.

That isn’t to say owning a cat is a bad idea – they’re great animals, just head over the PetStruggles to see! It’s just that sometimes, they can get a little overwhelming. But don’t worry! Your attention-seeking cat can be trained to leave you alone. It takes time, but it’s possible.

Naturally, you need to figure out why your cat is always around you in the first place. Only then can you come up with a successful strategy to get it off your back. Here’s what you can do to teach your feline some independence.


Maybe your cat’s lonely, find it a companion

If you find yourself outside the home most of the day, the reason for your cat’s clinginess might be that it’s feeling blue. Like humans, animals are also social creatures. When your pet is left alone inside the house for hours at end, it too will get bored.

In 2020, most people work overtime, and leaving work early to tend to a pet is completely out of the question. If you find yourself in such a predicament, consider getting another pet. Contrary to what movies depict, cats don’t always hate other animals. Yes, they might have a territory problem at first, but they’ll get used to it.

And when they have someone to keep them company in your absence, they’ll even come to love their companion!


Indulge in some good old operant conditioning

Decades ago, Ivan Pavlov came up with the perfect solution to cure all your pet struggles. When it comes to training, cats aren’t much different than most domesticated animals. Just like you would tell a dog to sit, you can also train your cat to comply.

Through a cycle of reinforcements and a lack thereof, you can teach your cat not to invade your personal space all the time. In that, whenever your cat disrupts your activities, pick it up, and put it aside. Then, offer your pet a sort of reward if it stays there. This can either be in the form of a snack or a toy.

Don’t be fooled, though. It won’t be easy the first few times since your feline will need to understand the connection. Gradually, however, it will take a hint.


Feed your cat on time

You get antsy when you’re hungry, right? It’s a basic animalistic reflex. Being fed puts everybody – including animals – at ease. If you find that your cat is constantly following you around, it can be because the little creature just wants some food.

The thing is, even if you think you give it enough to eat, it might not be well-fed. Nutrition is crucial in making sure your cat is healthy and you shouldn’t just be feeding it scraps from the night before.

There is a wide range of cat foods out there that will keep your pet full. PetStruggles is one of the best free resources online that help you take better care of your cat. From informative blogs to the right types of foods, you can sift through a treasure trove of helpful guides.


Get a cat tree

Yarn ball not keeping the cat at bay? Upgrade to something more special and invest in a cat tree! As the name suggests, these are artificial structures designed to look like trees. The branches, or rather platforms, are divided into both sides for your cat to play or sleep in.

If you’re tired of your cat crawling to you every time it’s bored, give it something worthy enough to ditch you for. Fortunately, kitty condos do a great job of achieving that. Not only do they engage pets in exercise but relieve their anxiety when they are often confined within four walls.


The Verdict

In retrospect, living with a cat can be hard, but it’s a rewarding tradeoff considering the love you give and receive. If anything, a pet that never gets on its owner’s nerves is much more alarming!

So, make sure to try all of these tricks before you give up on your cat altogether, and lock yourself in a separate room to focus. There’s nothing wrong with being a little selfish sometimes, and as long as your cat’s healthy and safe, some alone time won’t hurt!

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