How To Get More Discord Members For Your Server

Are you looking for ways to grow your Discord server? Many different strategies can be used. Here’s a list of 5 techniques to get more members on your Discord server!

Post Your Discord Server Link On Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to get more members for your Discord server. If you’re trying to grow a community, social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook are perfect places to do it! Just add the link of your Discord server to your bio on these sites then watch as new users start joining in droves!

Post On Gaming Forums And Websites

Another popular place online is where people can go to forums and websites that relate to their favorite games. Discord now has more than 170 million active users, so there are always active communities full of potential users who spend hours discussing things about games they love – why not remind them there’s even more fun waiting for them inside your Discord Server?

Reach out with an advertisement post about how awesome yours is! Or if some similar website isn’t having any luck getting traffic, ask if they’d be interested in an advertisement post instead, just to see if it does any better for them!

Add Your Server To Discord Directories

Discord directories are websites that compile a list of Discord servers. They may contain user statistics such as how big the server is and other general information about it, or they might not have any information at all. Either way, if you add your own Discord Server to these directories everyone can see what games you play and find out more about yours!

This makes for an excellent opportunity to get new members into your community since anyone who finds your listing will already be interested in joining before even knowing what kind of content goes on inside – which means less time spent convincing them later!

Invite People From Other Popular Discord Servers

Another way to get more Discord members is to try and pull people in from other popular servers.

Before you do this, though, make sure the server they’re coming from is a good fit with your own since if anyone asks what they’ve just joined it’s best to have an honest answer prepared. It will be hard to get people from other servers if you have a bad reputation or your server is offensive.

If they are coming from a good server, however, simply messaging them and asking for an invitation might be enough since once someone else vouches for you it makes others more comfortable about joining as well! Try this out on popular Discord servers that aren’t too big – the bigger the server gets the chances increase of members not seeing their message in time before someone else does.

Try Buying Discord Members

There are two types of websites that sell Discord users – one that sells random users and the other type that sells server members. If you’re willing to pay, then this is another easy way to get your Discord community growing faster!

On top of buying actual people for your Discord server, it also can be a good idea to invest in bots as well. They make things like chat moderation easier (you won’t have to do all the work yourself), plus they can help with posting announcements or reminders about events happening on your Discord channel.

Make Friends With People In Other Servers

Another great way to quickly grow your Discord community is by doing what you can to make friends with people on other servers. Join server events, participate in the chat, and most importantly – invite them over to your server if they are not already a part of it! This will help build up a rapport between you two so that when you do invite them to your server later on down the road, they’ll be more likely to accept it.

Be sure not to spam them with Discord invitation requests, as they may get annoyed and decline the invite if it keeps happening over and over again. So, try your best to make friends first before you start inviting people to your server en masse!


To sum this article up, there are plenty of ways to get people to join your Discord server. Some of these methods may be more effective than others, while some take a lot less effort and time. So, choose the methods that match up with your particular play style best!

And remember, that no matter which method you choose – the most important thing is to ensure you have a server worth joining. It won’t matter how much promotion you do if there are no real reasons for users to actively want to be a part of and engage with your online Discord community.

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