How To Get Rid Of The Pungent Smell Of Cannabis From Your House?

Whether you use cannabis for medicinal use or recreational activities, the unpleasant smell stays for a long time. The prime reason for his pungent smell is smoke, which is quite distinctive.

There is a variety of cannabis and strains of marijuana. If you are looking to get the best seeds with original strains at a reasonable price, you should look for the royal seed bank.

So, coming back to the stinking smell of weed, all the relaxation can get over once you are pestered for this smell. But don’t worry. Here we are with the best ways in which you can get rid of this smell in no time.

Top ways to get rid of the smell

Traditional incense approach

Fill your house with incense smoke and let its smoke mask the scent of cannabis. You can opt for scented candles and incense sticks. They are easy to store and use. All you need is to burn the stick or candle and let the smoke do its job.

You can buy some online or purchase them from a local store. Try out different options and pick the one that is the most pleasant and suits your environment.

Keep one thing in mind. You should never pick a powerful aroma to cover the weed smell. It will be too apparent for others to know that you are hiding something. So if you want to conceal the thing from others, opt for mild aromas.

Nag Champa is a prominent stick that is quite efficient in hiding the lingering smell of cannabis. The scent neither favors a masculine taste nor a feminine one, so you can use it anywhere and enjoy your weed without any stress.

All hail air fresheners and odor deodorizers

With the invention of these two products, now you can keep your stash safe and cover the smell without any issue.

Air fresheners are easy to use. Typically there are two types of air fresheners. Let us dive into them

1. Gel-based fresheners

In this type, the gel-based formula is enveloped by a plastic casing. All you need is to twist the plastic casing and let the freshener do its job. The sweet scent will mask the pungent smell in no time.

However, gel-based fresheners are quite safe, but they are not that efficient to tackle powerful weed smells.

2. Electric fresheners

These types of fresheners are all set to go to war with the nastiest smells. All you need is to plug the freshener into the electric board and see the difference. The fresh scent of the freshener will cover the evil smell and save your day.

Another way to conceal the smell of the weed is to use natural deodorizers. They suck the moisture from the air along with all the odors and keep them encased.

As they are natural, you don’t need to worry about any chemicals that may cause health issues. Moreover, no foreign smell will angle with your weed smell. All you need is to keep them close to your stash and recharge them in the sun every month for a short period.

3. Time for smoke eliminator

You can opt for Ozium, which is an efficient smoke eliminator. It does not conceal the smell; it eliminates the odor from the air. It comes with easy spray aerosol cans. You can order them online or purchase them from a local store.

Just spray the can at the removal site, and the odor will vanish. Moreover, it will get rid of the harmful bacteria and germs present in the air, which is just like icing on the cake.

Say hello to Sploof

The best way to get rid of the pungent smell is never to let any of the vapors enter your house air. Just smoke through this handheld device. It will filter the smoke vapors. However, it is not 100% effective, but it will make a noticeable change in the smell.

All-time windows and fan approach

Just open the windows in your house switch on the fan and let the air out. Within some time, the clean air will take the place of the smell, and you will be out of danger of revealing your smoking habits.

Burnt Popcorn: The Hail Mary

If you are out of options and on the verge of getting caught, just cover the smell by burning a pack of popcorn. The pungent smell will change the atmosphere into a ruined movie night and mask the pungent weed smell.

Some Last Words

Here are some of the best ways to tackle the pungent smell. Try any of these ways and conceal the smell without any unnecessary hassle.

On a different note, if you are looking to grow some weed for recreational or medicinal use but are afraid of investing in duped strains, then try out the royal seed bank. You can compare the suppliers here and select the best option at the most affordable price.

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