How to Get Word Count Stats in WordPress

When you start blogging, you have no single idea of what it will become in the coming years. It is interesting to see stats like the total number of views, total comments, and the total number of posts. But have you ever wanted to check the total It is rare to find out the exact number of words your website has unless you add it manually, which is almost impossible. There is however a WordPress plugin that shows you the exact number of words your website has as well as other numerous stats.

As you write an article on your WordPress website, it shows your word count at the bottom of the post edit area but certainly, there is no easy way to display that word count in the public domain. In this article, you will learn how you can the total word count stats in WordPress. Below is how you can do so.

The first thing to do is install and activate the Word Stats plugin. Once activated, the plugin will add a word stats link under the dashboard. Click on it to go to the word count stats page. It will show you the exact total number of words your website has and the total number of words each specific post has. You can also be able to see the word count from a specific period over the blogging years. It also has a feature that will show you the most mentioned words in your articles.

On your post edit screen, the WordStat plugin expands the default word count section down below the screen with some important information. If you give you the readability state of your article as well as informing you of the keyword frequency of each keyword, this can be a good feature for copywriters.

If you wish to display the total number of stats for your users, simply go to the Appearance category, click on widgets, and drag-drop the Total Word Counts to the appropriate location. Once this is done, the plugin will show the exact total number of words your website has to all of your readers.

WordStat has other features that are essential for any blogger. The readability score is very important especially when you want your articles to appear on Google search results. Search Engine Optimized articles must always have a good score when it comes to readability. This means it needs to have good grammar, correct punctuation, good sentence structures as well as the required length. Words that ensure all this is met by grading your work according. A low readability score means your article is poorly written. This will automatically prompt you to improve on it. The best part of this plugin is that it is free. All you have to do is install and activate and you will be good to go!

In conclusion, is important to know your website’s word count as it will motivate you to write even more. It can also inspire other writers to emulate your work. For those who have been writing for some time now, you know the pride that comes with having the highest number of words on your website!

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