How to Get Your Music Noticed on SoundCloud?

Success on the music online streaming platform SoundCloud can promote your music to extraordinary levels. Indeed, if you get noticed on SoundCloud, chances are that other big players in the music industry will take an interest in your uploads. Also, the more noticeable your music is, the more plays you will get and the greater fanbase you’ll develop.

Online music listening is becoming ever more popular. Therefore, as an artist, you need to get the attention of the potentially vast audience online platforms offer. This article shows you eight ways to get such attention on SoundCloud.

8 Certified Ways to Get Your Music Noticed on SoundCloud

Getting noticed on SoundCloud doesn’t happen automatically. Indeed there is immense competition, with thousands of artists competing to be heard. Here are eight ways to increase your chances:

1) Create an Attractive Bio

Your talents as a musician are not enough to make it on SoundCloud; you have to promote yourself in other ways. Having an interesting bio and an About You section is an excellent way to do this.

Create your bio in a way that puts you across as how you are, whether you want to portray an elegant, quirky, or professional image. Include relevant, quality images so people get to see you, and include a catchy phrase or two to help you get noticed and remembered.

2) Make Great Music

Make Great Music

If you don’t create good music, you have little chance of people taking notice of you, regardless of anything else. As such, you should be seeking continuous improvement as a musician.

Most artists on SoundCloud are self-starters, so high-quality production makes a huge difference to listeners. Ensure yours is excellent and attractive. Doing so will ensure you increase your visibility and reach, gaining the attention of more users.

3) Add Mood, Genre, and Relevant Tags

Adding relevant tags to your track description will help the SoundCloud audience to search for and classify your music. If you can make it easier to find your music than other artists’, then yours will get noticed more, receive more plays, and increase your followers.

Of course, you must ensure that you use tags that are relevant to your genre. People searching for a particular vibe will not be pleased if they are presented with yours, and it is not what they want. Therefore, only use popular or trending tags when they are relevant to your music.

4) Create Attractive Album Art

The first thing potential listeners will see is your track cover art. They could be persuaded to listen to your music simply on how professional or creative your artwork appears.

Indeed, attractive album art will make your music more noticeable. Therefore, you should concentrate on making this aspect of your profile as eye-catching as possible.

5) Upload Your Best Music

Getting your music noticed on SoundCloud is more about quality than quantity. Let’s face it, if you don’t think some of your tracks are excellent, why would others?

Therefore, you should only upload your best music. Consider SoundCloud as a showcase for your best work, and be selective about the tracks you use there.

Current standards within the music industry are incredibly high, so remove any tracks that aren’t doing well. Doing so will give your best ones a better chance to get noticed and played.

6) Create Successful Marketing Plans

Success on SoundCloud requires effective marketing as you are selling your music and yourself as an artist. As such, you need to be strategic in your planning. Stating your goal is a good start, so consider how many plays and sales you want to make, then focus on that number.

It isn’t sufficient to hope that people will purchase your tracks; you need to encourage them to do so. Therefore, identify your target market and actively pursue them. Place buy links in all your social posts, emails, blogs, and other communications to help existing or potential fans.

7) Promote your Music on Social Platforms

Promote your Music on Social Platforms

Getting noticed by SoundCloud listeners is great, and you can help boost these numbers by bringing in new users from other social networks. Many people have yet to use SoundCloud, so they could be missing out on your music.

You should share your tracks on other social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. Doing so will enhance your music marketing efforts, giving you greater reach and visibility.

8) Increase your SoundCloud Plays

Buying plays is an excellent way to grab listeners’ attention and get noticed. Subsequently, you will receive more plays and more attention, and the upward spiral will continue.

Indeed, there are quite a few significant benefits of buying SoundCloud plays:

  • Kickstart New Releases. All new releases begin with zero plays. Indeed, getting your first few plays can be the most challenging. Buying them gives your new music the kickstart it needs.
  • Enhance Your Social Presence. Big numbers grab people’s attention, and it is no different with SoundCloud plays. Buying plays can enhance your social presence quickly, leading to increased interest in your music.
  • Potential Virality. Your track could be just a few plays away from going viral. Buying some may be all you need to reach the virality tipping point.
  • Potential Record Deal. Most artists on SoundCloud would jump at the chance of landing a record deal. Buying some plays could be all it takes to get the attention of a key player in the music industry who can help you achieve your dream.

Of course, purchased plays must be genuine. When you buy SoundCloud plays from Media Mister, you are guaranteed 100% authenticity. Therefore, you get the social proofing you need to succeed with no risk of being penalized by the platform.

Media Mister has been providing their services for more than a decade and has developed an excellent reputation. They are so confident in their service, they offer a money-back guarantee if they fail to deliver on time and it is a rare case scenario.


If you get noticed on SoundCloud, your music career is definitely heading in the right direction. More importantly, it means you are delivering music people want to hear.

This article has provided you with all you need to develop a successful SoundCloud strategy. It’s now time to implement it and get the musical success you deserve.

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