How to Give Your Home a Neon Glow?

Say hello to Neon Sparks!  Neon signs and décor are no longer limited to fancy clubs and venues. They have also become a very welcoming décor for home and office. Thanks to Instagram, neon lights are gaining all the attention it deserves.

Several interior experts are big fans of neon signs and include them in their designs. Celebrities like Bethenny Frankel and Kim Zolciak-Biermann often flaunt neon signs hung up in their offices and homes. Some of the trending NYC neon signs are statement quotes, unique figures of anything, and eye-catching phrases.

Let’s get you inspired with some of the latest neon creativity to decorate your home!

Laminate Your Bedroom

Why don’t start with the coziest room? You can be bold and creative as much as you want. You can add neon signs instead of ordinary sconces. Neon lights will add glamour to your room and turn it into a more welcoming space.

Select a specific wall or cover your entire headboard area to put neon art. You can customize your art based on your preferences. However, charming phases or romantic words are more trending.

Neon Signs for the Living Area

It’s time to show off your creativity to your guests. The living area is the room, which gets the most attention. Neon lights are perfect to spruce it up. Whatever your decoration theme is neon light can be accustomed perfectly. You can add neon signs near your sofa, in the, or over the main wall.

Neon signs or letters come in various shades and fonts to get along with most of the home decor. If not on walls, you can try neon tubes or decorative items to add a more vibrant look to your room.

Spice Up the Dining and Kitchen

One great way to add spice to your kitchen or dining area is to add a neon touch to it. Neon signs such as food item images or food inspired quotes are perfect for adding a whimsy and eccentric feel to your dining room walls.

You might have seen this type of art in fancy cafés and bars. These neon signs are very popular in high-end cities like New York. As a result, you will find many neon signs in NY cafes and restaurants.

Create a Heavenly Effect for Your Kid’s Room

A few years back, radium stickers were quite popular as décor for kids’ rooms. Neon lights provide the same effects more sophisticatedly. You can add neon signs along with the wallpaper to make a 3D effect on the designs.

If your kids love emojis, you can have a laminating emoji expressing your kid’s favorite expression. In addition, there are several other funny and loving figures to put in your baby’s room.

How About Backyard highlights?

Many people love to spend time in their backyards. Most probably, everyone has a green corner in the home, which is equal to the backyard.

You can make that special space even better with an inspiring statement of neon signs. Choose neutral shades to make your peaceful corner more motivational.

Sum Up

Aren’t these neon lights inspiring? They provide a magical touch to your home. Neon signs give life to your home décor and express your bold and vibrant choices. The most amazing thing about neon signs is that they are customizable.

You can create your own words and quotes to give your home a personal touch. Neon signs are getting is getting popular in high-end society and many popular personalities are adding them to their home and office décor.

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