How to Handle Creepy Online Dating Messages

Online dating, as popular it is today, can be a hassle to handle. From guessing matches to connecting with strangers, dating online can be a roller coaster of emotions. As if that is not enough, there is this other side of dealing with creeps online. Most will agree they have had a creepy message sent to them at a point dating online and if you haven’t check out Perfect DM to see dating tips to prevent it.

Whatever the creep’s intention is, these messages are not good to look at; leave alone understand. Some will initiate sexual talk in their first message, while others will ask straight up why the dress on your profile is tight. While these messages are best ignored, it is best if you learn how to handle such creepy messages.

Some messages are annoying and gross, while others can be dangerous. Some people are subjected to death and rape threats at the very first rude response. This can happen to anyone, and even if not, inappropriate messages are not comfortable; you need to handle them. Luckily, sites such as Perfect Dating Match have systems in place to protect all users.

Here are tips on how to handle creepy messages


Sexual Talks

This is one of the most common types of creepy messages people get when dating online. They may not be purely explicit, but most have a hint of sexual advances from the sender. If you find such, the best way to handle them is by responding as soon as you can. Send a message such as, ‘Please stop sending me such messages as they make me uncomfortable.’

Some people don’t realize a message is coming across as sexual, probably because of the notion painted on online dating. But, as soon as you address that a particular message offended you, they should avoid sending such; if they really care.

Remember, most guys online are looking for ways to open up the possibility of an intimate relationship with anyone they start talking to. So, to them, it doesn’t seem like it is inappropriate. This is why you have to step in and make your thoughts known.

If they understand where you are coming from, most will apologize and talk about something else. But, you might come across the type that is straight-up sexual at all times. This is where you utilize the block button, ignore or ghost them.


Unsolicited Nudes

This trend has been buzzing in the online dating world, and it isn’t very pleasant. How would someone send their unsolicited nude pics a few days after knowing them online? It is purely creepy, and these messages can make you lose all the hope you have for finding someone great online.

Unlike the sexual message, this kind of message calls for a block. Clearly, the sender is just after their sexual interests rather than getting to know you first. You can send a mocking text and follow it up by blocking the sender.


Threats to Expose

Well, if you have been talking to this person for a few days, you have probably shared a little bit of your personal life. Maybe you have been setting a date, and this person has your address. Then, the vibe goes south, and they no longer want to meet you or continue dating you. Later they start sending threats to expose you, your address, your private issues, etc.

How do you handle these types of messages? This can be hard, especially if they have a record of your address, etc. The best way would be to report them to the dating site and hope nothing silly happens. Later, follow up with a block and delete all the messages you have shared with them.


Harassing Messages

These are common, especially when you pull away from a match you had been talking to. Harassing messages are not easy to deal with, especially if they use things you said against you. The best approach would be to stop them and insists that such messages are unnecessary. The best you can do is be the bigger person and ask them to stop harassing you. If this does not help, feel free to block them.


Additional Tips for Handling Creepy Online Messages

One of the things you should always do is trust your instincts. Anytime you feel like someone is crossing a boundary, you are mostly right. If you feel like a creep is attacking you, even with the nicest words, they are probably after hurting you.

When you say no to a contact on an online dating app, mean it. Have a stand, and do not sway to accommodate their creepiness. Once someone has crossed a boundary and you’ve decided to stick with a no, be consistent henceforth.

Lastly, ignore such messages, especially if it is the first one from a contact online. However, if they continue sending creepy messages, deal with them, and communicate. It can be as straightforward as telling them off or blocking them.

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