How To Have A Nice Budget Wedding

Many ladies wait eagerly for their wedding day and most picture it full of color and merriness. It turns out true for some with financial issues getting in the way of others achieving this fairy tale sequence. A wedding should not drain you financially to appoint of enjoying matrimony in bliss you live in utter debt and low economically.

For this reason, your wedding needs to fit into your budget for it to be both fruitful and also being sound of life after the event. Let us go through some budgeting decisions you can make on your big day for it to be successful.

1. Go Small

In going small, you keep the entire event a brief affair. Being brief focuses on the number of guests and also their refreshments and catering services. You can invite a few people for the vent with a small party afterward to congratulate all who made it.

A small number of guests means you will go economical in the reception area and also meals. This saves you a lot compared to a situation where you dropped a queen-sized event.

2. Go For Affordable Wedding Attire

Another area that may strain your budget is the dressing part. Most dresses cost a fortune and bear the responsibility of hiked wedding budgets. To be in the same court as your finances, you need to go for cheaper attire in the wedding dress and suit.

There are many stores around that stock decent but affordable dresses that will lighten up your day. An example is JJ’s house which has a huge variety of dresses even for your bridesmaids.

You can also go for second-hand wedding dresses which are way cheaper. Alternatively, you can hire a dress for the occasion and return it once you are done with the event.

For the after-party, you can don affordable but decent party dresses.

3. Opt For Affordable Transport Means

For the picturesque wedding, high-end luxurious cars come through for transportation needs. The vehicles speak of class and highlight the whole event. The downside, however, is that hiring and maintaining vehicles in terms of fueling tend to be very expensive.

As you are seeking to save a coin here and there, you can opt for affordable transport means for your commuting needs. A low fuel consumption sedan for you and your groom and a comfy van for the attendees is a good way to go.

4. Make A Nice Home Cooked Meal

Meals make a huge part of the entire celebration and if not checked properly you can spend a lot. A solution to this is to opt for home-prepared meals as compared to catering services. Preparing the meals at home only costs you in purchasing the foodstuffs as you may get help in preparation.


Despite your wedding being your big day, it should not come at the cost of your financial well-being. You can go for the listed ways in order to save a fortune as you step into bliss with your partner with a future of financial independence.

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