How to Help Heal your Lungs from Vaping

Inhaling burnt tobacco smoke is known to be incredibly damaging to your body, especially your lungs. Smoking cigarettes can cause a person to have a chronic cough, bad breath, and difficulty breathing properly. In the long term, the consequences are lung diseases, cancer, and more. When it comes to inhaling chemically flavored aerosol from vaporizers called e-liquid, there will also be damage to the lungs. Vaping can cause a person to also have difficulty breathing, coughing, nausea, and fever. However, the long-term effects of vaping are still being researched, as it is fairly new. 

But those who have decided to quit vaping understand the damage it has done to their lungs and will be looking for a way to help heal. Unfortunately, a full recovery of the lungs after a long period of smoking or vaping can cause irreversible damage, but some tips can help.

Lungs are self-cleaning

There are many products out there that make bold claims about detoxifying smokers’ lungs, so they are as good as new. If you smoke or vape, do not fall into that trap. Lungs are incredible organs, the moment you put down your e-cigarette for the day they start their process of self-cleaning. Even after lung diseases are cured, the lungs can repair themselves and make a full recovery. Of course, there’s only so much they can do if you’ve been vaping for a long time. The longer you stay away from vaping the faster the lungs heal themselves. However, there are methods to take that can help this process as well.

Stay away from people who vape

This is not due to temptation reasons, but due to the second-hand vapors from the e-cigarettes. A recent study found some traces of the flavored aerosol in the lungs of people who never vaped before but were in households where others vape. This discovery shows that if you’re trying to heal your lungs, second-hand vaping is also a factor to take into consideration and make sure to stay away from.

Keep your lungs safe

Other sicknesses such as the flu will harm your lungs. Of course, in normal circumstances, this won’t be much of a problem, but when trying to get your lungs to heal themselves more efficiently, it’s best to avoid these illnesses. Wash your hands, wear a mask in crowded spaces, the works.

Lots of fluids

It’s known that to keep your lungs healthy, plenty of fluid is needed. About 8 or 9 cups of water a day can help thin the mucus in your lungs. Drinking warm fluids, such as tea, is also great for mucus thinning. It’s a good thing to thin your lung mucus because then it will be much easier to expel when coughing.


Yes, this is the most obvious tip, but cardiovascular exercises like walking, jogging, and going up and down the stairs, can improve your lungs extensively. If it makes your heart beat faster, it can help your lungs work better at regenerating.

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