How to Hire React Native Developers: Skills, Salary, Interview Questions

So you want to hire React developers? Great idea, but where should you start? 

If you’re not a developer yourself, it might be hard to hire a developer. What interviews should you ask, how should you check his skills, and how do you know whether he asks for a reasonable salary or not? 

These are all questions you can’t figure out yourself if you’re not closely familiar with the programming world. So, you need to start researching, and that’s what you’re doing right now if you stumbled upon this article. 

Stay right here because you’re exactly where you need to be. We’ll help you find the best React developer and conduct an interview just like a pro. 

So let’s understand:

How to Hire React Native Developers? 

To first hire react native developers, you need to understand who is a react native developer. 

React native is a platform that allows you to build native apps both for your iOS and Android devices. So if you plan to make an app that will be available on all mobile devices, you probably need a react native developer. 

Accordingly, the React native developer is the one to build your native app. Now that we have the basics covered, let’s move to the next aspect: 


What skills should a good React developer have? 

First, let’s start with the hard skills. 

  • Fluency in JavaScript

The most crucial skill any React developer should have is a solid knowledge of JavaScript. No, sorry: it’s not crucial. Your react developer must know JavaScript perfectly. 

JavaScript has a big role in creating the application’s logic, building components, and generally understanding the flow. So, you want to be sure that your developer knows how to do it all. 

  • Knowledge of basic React assumptions

Another important hard skill is to efficiently operate with JSX, Virtual DOM, and other similar concepts. Understanding these fundamental React assumptions is critical, so if your potential React developer can not have it, let him go. 

  • Clean coding skill 

Finally, you want your developer to write cleanly and neatly. Writing elegant code is not a matter of style or taste: you simply want your code to be easily readable for all the developers. Also, a neat code usually takes way less storage, which makes the app faster. 

Besides being a good professional, you also want your employee to be a nice person with whom it will be pleasurable to work. That’s why you also need to check his soft skills. 

Here are a couple of soft skills to look for: 

  • Communication skills 

We know you might think that the developer does not have to communicate much: giving you a decent code is enough, right? 

Not really. 

There surely will be cases where communicating with the developer will be inevitable, and you want to make sure that he does not make the process awkward for you. 

  • Endless curiosity 

What is better than a professional who is always striving for knowledge and is constantly engaged in self-development? Although it is not a must, your future developer continually improves his skills. 

  • Time management skills 

Finally, make sure that your developer knows how to manage his time properly. The reason is apparent: you don’t want to hire someone who will always miss the deadlines.


Now, once you know what skills your React developer should have, it is time to understand how much salary you should expect to pay. 

Of course, this largely depends on the experience and knowledge of the developer. Here are the approximate ranges for each level: 

  • Junior: $69K yearly 
  • Mid-level: $122K yearly 
  • Senior-level: $155K yearly

Interview Questions 

Okay, all this is good, but what exactly should you ask during the interview? 

Well, we get your worries. It is a different thing to know what skills to look for and another thing to figure out whether your developer has them or not. So what should you ask during the interview? 

Here are the most common react-native interview questions: 

  • What is the difference between ReactJS and React Native? 
  • What are the advantages of React Native? 
  • What are the different threads in React Native, and how do you use each? 
  • How do you use State in React Native, and what is it? 

You can find more in-depth interview questions here

To sum up, 

Before hiring a React native developer, make sure you are fully prepared for the interview and know exactly what you’re looking for! 

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