How To Improve Your Marketing For Schools Using Technology

Do you run a school or a university? It can be a great and exciting time to be at the front of an educational institution.

Technology has taken over our world like never before and you now have the chance to create an effective online marketing for schools campaign that attracts students and parents from all over the world.

But how do you take advantage of technology to ensure your marketing for school is effective. The internet is a huge platform.

Here’s everything you need to know to get you started on school communication online.

  1. Get All Of Your Staff on Social Media

The most obvious way you can use technology is to get staff on social media. This is the place most prospective students and parents get information about education for their children.

But approaching social media in a corporate way, simply listing the achievements of the school or university will not get you, students. Instead what you want is to create a human side of the university to entice students.

And the best way to do this is to get all of your staff on social media. This means anyone viewing their feeds will start to get an insight into the daily lives of the university staff members whilst on campus.

If a lecturer is giving an important lecture on a topic they care about then they can write about this on social media. If the community manager is organizing a family fun day for the local community then they will be able to tweet about this and take photos for Instagram.

These are all potential posts that you can retweet on the main official account of social media.


  1. Give Your Staff Work iPhones

Not every member of staff is going to have a mobile phone. If you want them to contribute to social media effectively it could be a worthwhile investment to get them all a work phone.

This also means you contact them at any time of day which is useful if you have a huge campus, especially if you have members of staff self-isolating due to Covid or working from home.

If every member of staff has a phone they can put photos onto Instagram or tweet from their phones. With the latest iPhones having 5G capacity you will be able to stream and upload 4K videos with ease making your university look extra special on camera.


  1. Hire an SEO Specialist

Another way you can use technology to improve your university’s online standing is to hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist to help you create a blog for your website.

Blogs might not sound that exciting compared to lots of other content that you can make but can get you a lot of traffic this way. An SEO blog can get you to the top of Google for keywords that are important such as university or college.

You can advertise these blogs on your university website and also on your social media pages and visa-versa.

SEO experts know all about the algorithms that go into the rankings and how can you utilize technology to take advantage of them.


4.Consider Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are an untouched technology. Many people have them in their bedroom or their living room to talk to. The skills on these devices often use tech-to-speech technology.

Since we are all spending so much time at home at the moment it seems as if these speakers can help sell your university for you.

You could ask a developer for the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Homepod to create a specific experience for your university.

Be sure to think outside the box for this. How can you make sure that your experience stands out? Could you do a virtual tour of your university just through speech?

Could you do a choose your own adventure style game that you could put on a smart speaker related to college, school, or university?

You could also consider creating a weekly university podcast that you can place on the experience that users could activate just by asking for it.

Remember that many smart speakers allow you to add elements of their experience to a routine. This means the speaker will automatically announce elements of the skill to the user at certain times of the day. This could be great for sending a message to parents from school.


  1. Newsletter Can be Great

Newsletters can be a great way of promoting your school or college, particularly if they are interactive.

Using Flash Player you could create a system whereby users could click on a button that would take them to a playable game element of your university’s news, a quiz or survey, or even a pop-up video. This is a great school communication tool.

Consider how often you want to send out newsletters and be sure to stick to the rules you have set.

You could also try the Campus Movil website which has some great marketing ideas for colleges.


Marketing for Schools: Think Outside the Box

If you want some great marketing for school strategy then you want to think outside the box. Don’t go for all the usual options but do something different that will catch people’s eyes.

Create an interactive newsletter or make an interactive experience for a smart speaker for students currently stuck in their bedrooms due to the Coronavurs pandemic.

Employ experts to help you get to the top of Google’s SEO rankings and be sure to pay them well to get great results.

If you interested in learning more about marketing for schools be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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