How to Improve your Romance Skills in the Bedroom

We want to be better lovers. No matter how long you’ve been together, there’s always space for growth. You can’t improve if you rely on guessing what your ex-boyfriend did in bed. Try something new. How I became a better lover—and how you can, too.

1. Talk to Each Other

Discuss your likes and dislikes with your partner. Then, if you have no ideas, ask for help. No one will criticize you for asking questions or acknowledging that something doesn’t work for them.

Intimacy conversations are vital for having excellent physical intimacy, especially if you’re a new partner. Remember to convey what feels nice, so your spouse understands how to delight you.

2. Learn together

Taking a lesson together might boost your relationship skills and bedtime enjoyment. Ballroom dance and ceramics classes are available. Classing together will give you something to speak about and draw you closer.

If you attend a class jointly, be sure you both want to. For example, if one partner enjoys sports but the other does not, this would not be a good activity for them since they would be bored (unless they wanted to).

Also, make sure whatever activity is picked suits your personality style so there are no awkward moments when one person feels compelled but doesn’t enjoy themselves as they thought they would have if either side knew ahead what sort of instructor/teacher was going to be leading the activity.

3. Explore

If you want to keep the romance alive, try new things. It might be as easy as trying a new foreign restaurant or music genre. You could discover that viewing an old movie brings back the spark.

There are a few ways to begin.

Ask your companion about hobbies. Ask what they love to do alone, then ask if they’d want to try something new with you (or alongside). So neither of you will feel pressured, and it will be a delightful journey instead of tense and uncomfortable.

Watch how-to videos or read articles about other couples’ successful ideas before determining if they’re perfect for you. This will lessen any nervousness surrounding uncharted areas while allowing each party’s wants and desires to remain a top priority throughout the process.

4. Try new things

Many solutions exist to disrupt the bedroom routine that might lead to boredom and apathy. What you can do:

You can try new creative; sensual bedroom plays with nipple clamps and other light BDSM accessories.

5. Create a romance playlist

Romantic, seductive, and amusing music is best. You may be planning your first romantic night with your lover. You may also listen to music to set the mood.

Pick essential tunes for you and your companion. Whether from an ancient love affair or a period when music was real, these songs will remind you to get high on love and have fun together.

Make sure there are no explicit lyrics so your kids won’t hear them when browsing for “how” videos for school assignments (but this could also work out well if they want advice on how babies are made).

6. Experiment with romantic foreplay

Kissing and hugging are examples of foreplay, as is erotic massage. The idea is to turn on your partner enough that they want more intense intimate contact — but not so much that they get overwhelmed or uncomfortable.

Now that you know how to improve your romance skills in the bedroom, go out and do it! Don’t be afraid of trying new things or telling your partner what you want. Remember, when it comes to romance, there are no rules—just good intentions and a willingness to work together.

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