How to Incorporate Video Content In Your Marketing Strategy

Video content is slowly taking over the internet. People now tend to enjoy short reels and videos more than they used to like photos, articles, and other content. That is why it is essential for every business to join the trend of creating captivating video content as part of their marketing strategy. However, if you’re uncertain how you can incorporate video into your marketing, here are some tips on how to achieve it.

Demos and How-Tos

People love seeing how stuff works and you can give them that pleasure by filming some simple product demos and how-tos. What’s also great about these videos is that you can easily explain to people how some of your products work and how they can use them, which can save them a lot of time and headaches. People don’t want to endlessly scroll through the text to find out how your products actually work – a concise and short how-to video is perfect for that! Video content is easy to digest and it is super shareable, so why not film demos and how-tos? 

Focus on Showing Your Personality

If you are a brand that already has a nice customer base, those people are probably already familiar with what your brand represents. However, do they know anything about the people behind that brand? Your company is more than just a colorful logo and fun social media, and it’s time to show your audience your human side. And there is no way better to do this than through the power of video content. You can film some behind-the-scenes footage of any of the videos that you already have. Also, if you don’t have the gear you can go for corporate videography services and let professionals video your promos, fun jabber between employees, and even release the bloopers later on. Such videos will provide a sneak peek into your work environment and show your company’s personality. That’s always fun to watch!

Bring Testimonials to Life

There is no better proof that your products are quality than a great testimonial from your users. If you have a lot of written testimonials and even case studies, that’s great, but consider bringing them to life. You can reach out to your biggest brand advocates and loyal customers and see if they are willing to share their experiences with your brand in a short video. Then, you can easily share those videos on your social media, leave a few on your website and even use them for your video content marketing. Happy faces of your customers are your best marketing strategy, so why not give them a chance to show their satisfaction? Plus, you get some great content. 

Go Live

Going live on social media is a great feature that can engage your audiences and provide nice video content. You can go live as much as you’d like and you should invite all of your customers to join in to watch, comment, and react. Facebook and Instagram are perfect for such entertainment and you can easily live stream vlogs around the company, show people how certain processes of making the products work, or simply stream your team-building experiences. You can even host live Q&A sessions and let your customers post questions about your brand, people, products, and everything else. However, don’t forget to promote your live stream in advance so people can get excited to join. 

Post Interviews

If your brand is collaborating with influences or some other influential people from the industry, organize video interviews. You can invite some of those people and create a mini talk show for your brand. Prepare the interview questions, and even invite your customers to contribute with some questions they’d like to ask that person. Then, record the interview, promote it, have fun and release it for people to see it. This is also another area where you can host a live stream video for a more dynamic interview and get some great views and engagement from your customer base. 

Marketing holds dozens of different strategies and variations of content with which people love engaging. At the moment, video has proven to be one of the most popular and easiest ways for people to entertain themselves, so why not use that to your advantage? There are so many great things you can do through creating video content, and it can be truly fun. Create interviews, go live, film demos and how-tos, and let people in on the atmosphere you have at your company. All this will provide a more intimate and honest connection with your customers, which can only result in more engagement. 

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