How to Initiate a Healthy 30 Day Challenge and Fit Into Your Summer Clothes

Nothing motivates us better than being challenged by our friends. Click here to learn how to initiate a 30-day challenge so you can fit into your summer wear!

Are you worried that your mind is ready to go out this summer, but your body is not? Do you need to quickly lose some pounds so you can fit comfortably in your summer clothes?

If so, then you should be jumping into a 30-day challenge. For 30 days, you challenge yourself by adding something different to your routine that will help you lose weight.

But how can you be sure you’re initiating an effective challenge? Read on to discover our best tips.

Make Each Day Interesting

One of the most important elements in creating a 30-day challenge is variety. It’s going to be hard enough to add something new to your life for a month. If the challenge gets repetitive or boring, then keeping up with it will be even harder.

You also run the risk of not pushing yourself. This is supposed to be a “challenge.” If you’re doing the same thing for 30 days, then by the end it’s no longer a challenge, but a routine.

By including different 30-day challenge ideas, you can constantly push your body in new ways.

Include Both Diet and Exercise

Because our goal is to lose weight, we need to include both diet and exercise in our 30-day challenge ideas.

While exercise and dieting separately can help you lose weight, you should combine both if you want to drop pounds more quickly. And if your goal is to fit into your summer clothes in 30 days, you need to take an efficient approach.

That’s why you should consider going back and forth between diet and exercise with your 30 challenge ideas. One day can be a new addition to your workout, while the next can be focused on trying a different healthy meal.

By doing both, you can make sure this challenge helps you reach your goal.

Get Others Involved

If you want to get the most out of a 30-day challenge, then you’ll be better off getting others involved.

The most important reason for this is that by including others, you have people who can hold you accountable. This is especially true if your partners are competitive and will push you to keep up.

Including others will also make the challenge more fun. You’ll have something to bring you all together, and you can bond over the ups and downs of the challenge.

The easiest way to complete a 30-day challenge is if it’s fun, and doing it with others may be the best way to make it fun.

Give Yourself Extra Motivation

You may be starting this 30-day challenge to lose weight and feel better, but finishing the challenge may require more extrinsic motivation. That’s why you should consider adding some extra motivation.

For this reward, consider some kind of item that you can hold and show off. Something like a challenge coin can act as a great reminder of your accomplishment and can be collected and shared with others who complete the challenge as well.

If you are interested in using challenge coins, check out this guide to challenge coins so you can make them meaningful.

Start Your 30-Day Challenge Now

While these tips can help you form a great 30-day challenge, you can’t complete one until you start it. So get started! Summer is almost here, so there’s no time to waste.

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