How to Install Refrigerator Water Filter

If you are not sure about where your water is coming from, you should filter it. Water carries contaminants that, if not distilled, cause illnesses.

Drinking contaminated water for a long time can lead to stomach illnesses. In worst cases, if the water contains lead, you might even develop cancer that can be life-threatening. Lead can slow down brain development or affect growth in children.

It is therefore essential to install a fridge water filter or other parts of the water system so that you have clean water that is free of all contaminants.

How to Install a Fridge Water Filter

You can install the water filter initially based on the instructions that the seller provides. With that done, you need to know when to replace your water filter. If you’ve used the filter for six months, you should replace it.

However, if you use your fridge water filter frequently, you’ll need to replace the filter more often. This means you can’t wait for six months to replace the filter.

1- Check the filter you have been using

There are three types of filters- the first is the push-in filter, it’s built within the compartment of the fridge.

The second is the inline filter, which is installed behind the refrigerator, and lastly, the twist-in filter which is installed on the top right side of the refrigerator.

Check the filter make, design, and model number before discarding it because you’ll have to use these details to order your new fridge water filter.

2- Install Your New Filter

Below are the steps to follow when installing your new filter.

  • Twist-in filter

Twist-in filter is located on the right top side of the refrigerator. It is covered, so you need to pull or push the cover to see the filter, then turn it anticlockwise to discard it. Put the new fridge water filter in place and turn it clockwise until it clicks. Reset the fridge water filter indicator. Once it’s done, your water is safe for consumption.

  • Push-in filter

Push the eject button on the filter to remove it. Extract the filter cap to reuse it with your new fridge water filter. Align the drawn arrows on the lid with the filters. Turn the filter clockwise until the eject button comes up again. Ensure the cap is secure. Once that is done, you can enjoy clean drinking water.

  • Inline filter

If you don’t have an inline filter yet and your refrigerator is an old model without the filter feature, here is your solution.

Locate the water pipe that’s behind the fridge and turn off the primary source of water so that you work efficiently. Cut the incoming line and insert the water filter. Open the water source and let the water run through the filter until it’s clear.

The pipe carrying water should go through the cap space. So, you have to remove the cap. After running the water, you can connect the filter to the refrigerator, and the water will be safe for consumption.


After replacing the water filter, you shouldn’t consume the first two gallons because it might contain carbon residue. However, after disposing of the two gallons, the water is safe for consumption.

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