How to Invest Your Money for Better Returns

National Pension Scheme is meant for senior citizens and you can learn about NPS scheme details from the designated websites of the government. It’s everyone’s dream to spend their life of retirement without any worries about the finances to run their expenses.

They wish to spend their post-retirement days without problems, especially concerning money matters. The NPS scheme addresses this area with some success. The government of India came up with this scheme to help senior citizens inculcate the value of savings while they are working and set aside a portion of their income for investing in the scheme.

The financial discipline they learned will go a long way in relieving them of the pressures of looking after themselves when they are out of a job and when their source of earnings is severely depleted. Under the auspices of the scheme, they can remain worry-free as far as finances are concerned, they had begun saving in the scheme long ago while they were active in their professional life.

The scheme is there to provide benefits of retirement to all the citizens across sectors including the unorganized sector. The scheme is controlled by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority under an Act known as the PFRDA Act 2013. This scheme is a voluntary one and its corpus is invested in the market. The fund is managed by some professional managers whose sole job is to manage and regulate the funds.

Unit Linked Insurance Plan is an insurance and investment plan that is put together, to provide both insurance and sound return on investment to people. One can get into the habit of saving regularly based on sound financial planning for the future.

You can build a healthy corpus of wealth in the future if you make use of the Unit Linked Insurance Plan. The wealth that you have for the future will be utilized by you and your near and dear ones. There is a tenure of the scheme at the end of which you will get the money invested back in your kitty. The advantage of investing in this plan is that the wealth created is exempt from Income Tax.

In case of the death of the insured, the family will receive the financial benefit. It is said that you should continue to be invested beyond 5 years of the stipulated timeline. If you remain invested for many more years, you can reap a much richer harvest.

It’s an open secret that everybody wants to secure their future in terms of finances. Nobody wants to face financial hardship during the fag end. Though people know it, many of them don’t take the right steps at the right time to secure the kind of life in the future they wish to enjoy.

There are different ways in which you can save for the future and reach your goals. These are direct equity, equity funds, diversified funds, focused funds, sectoral funds, index funds, funds based on capitalization, debt mutual funds, PPF, fixed deposits, and so on.

Direct equity is highly rewarding, but it has its pitfalls, whereby you may lose a substantial value of your investment. People invest in this instrument due to the allure it offers. You should be rightly concerned about the risks and rewards. In other parlance, equity is also termed as stock.

It’s a difficult and a bit complex proposition, so you need to understand it before you exercise your options. Being aware of the balance sheets of the companies, their annual or quarterly reports on the financial status and annual general meeting reports helps. If you are new to the stock market, this scheme is not for you. If you insist, you have to guide yourself with the help of a professionally trained person who knows the ins and outs of the businesses and the market.

Equity funds are mutual funds that invest in shares that are equity funds. Your fund is invested in the stocks of equity. Your capital will get an appreciation over a time horizon that may be a long one or a short one. You may be a greenhorn in the financial market or you have a low risk-taking ability.

For you, there is a diversified equity fund. The advantage of this fund is that it is invested in a wide array of sectors. An investment in this fund results in capital appreciation in the long term. There are focused funds too. As the name suggests, these funds are invested in a particular sector with a known capitalization in the market.

There are sectoral funds in which the investment is made in some select sectors of the industry. These sectors could be education, banking, infrastructure, and so on. In the index fund, your money is invested in the securities of the indexes of the market like Nifty 50. Aside from this, there are funds based on the market capitalization of a company.


You should invest in a wide array of funds for better appreciation of capital and safety and security. You may invest a part of your basket of offerings in equity since it will give you extraordinary quick returns. There is some risk involved in this.

So, you should invest a portion of your money in debt funds too which is relatively safer, though the returns are moderate. You can also invest in PPF, ELSS, Government bonds, Gilt funds, etc. Once the COVID crisis is over, the world will fall back on travel, tourism, hospitality, etc. One can invest in these sectors too.


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