How to Keep Clean Carpets With Pets

If you have pets, it can be difficult to maintain a clean carpet as they can urinate on it and stain it. We understand the frustrations. That’s why we are sharing these simple tips to help you learn how to keep clean carpets with pets.

How to Keep Clean Carpets With Pets

Keeping your carpet clean with pets can be stressful. However, if you try these easy methods for maintaining rugs, you will extend the durability of your carpet.

Use a Pet-Friendly Cleaner

If your dog or cat urinates on your carpet accidentally, clean it up immediately to prevent the urine from staining the carpet. Avoid using carpet cleaners available in stores because they contain harmful chemicals that aren’t good for your pets.

Instead, use natural cleaners like vinegar as it is pet-friendly. Vinegar is enzyme-based, making it an excellent choice for cleaning dog diarrhea. Also, due to its high acidity levels, it can sanitize the area.

Clean Your Pets

Groom and wash your pets to have a clean carpet. Also, trim your dog’s hair to minimize the amount that might fall on your carpet. If your dog is clean, there will be less transfer of dirt to your rugs.

Cleaning your pets will also ensure your house isn’t filled with unpleasant smells, which can be embarrassing when you have visitors around.

Wipe Paws

Much of the dirt that ends up on your rugs comes from your pet’s paws. So, wipe their paws when the pets enter the house. Cleaning the paws can also reduce the damage that can be caused to most visited pet areas.

Place a towel at the door and wipe your pet’s paw gently every time they come in. It’s important to keep doing this to prevent stains and other debris from embedding in your rugs.

Vacuum Your Carpet

As a pet owner, you should have a good vacuum cleaner like Roomba. This cleaner is perfect for dog hair because once you program it to clean a certain room, it will start vacuuming without getting stuck anywhere.

You should vacuum once per week to prevent the accumulation of dirt and pet hair on your carpet. Remember to also vacuum your furniture because hair that might have fallen on the furniture can end up on your rug.

Pay Attention to What Your Pets Eat

Pet food is available in different forms. However, most of the food that is stocked in pet shops contains artificial colors and ingredients.

If your dog diarrheas accidentally on the carpet, the poop can stain it. To avoid a messy cleanup, buy food with natural ingredients and no added coloring.

Install Tile Floor

Installing a tile floor near your dog’s entryways can prevent it from tracking dirt and dust into the house. The tiles will provide your pets with an area to shake off the dust and prevent carpet stains.

Keep Your Pets in One Place

If you have a dog or cat that keeps staining your rugs, put them in a room with no carpets. However, if the room isn’t large enough to confine the dog for an entire day, use it at night or when you are not around.

Put an Area Rug in the Room

Place an area rug in a high-traffic location to protect your carpet from dirt since dirty rugs can impact the quality of air in your house. Ensure your dog spends most of its time on the rug and not on your carpet.


Although it can be difficult to keep carpets clean if you have pets, practicing the above maintenance tips can help you have tidy rugs all the time. However, clean regularly rather than wait until when your rugs are in bad shape.

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