How to Keep Down the Cost of Traveling

Traveling is a fun, worthwhile, and life-changing experience that everybody should embrace at some point in their life. Unfortunately, it is also a very expensive thing to do! From flights to accommodation to, well, generally staying alive, everything will get a bit pricey for you when you decide to head out on an adventure around the world

Traveling is always going to cost something, but it need not require an extortionate amount of savings. There are ways to keep the cost of being a nomad right down. To find a few of these different ways, make sure to read on.

Book flights when they are at their cheapest

If you need to travel by plane to get to your destination, then you’re going to want to book your flights when they are at their cheapest. You are going to want to do so because flight prices soar as the date of departure gets closer. Bad puns aside, you can save a load of cash if you get in early with your flight booking.

It means that, as soon as you know where you want to travel to and you have a rough idea of the time of year at which you want to jet off, you should get your flights booked. There’s no point waiting around to see if the prices will come down.

Only an unusual and freak occurrence will ever see this happen and, of course, these sorts of instances can never be counted on. You should get in with the best and most appropriate flight price as soon as it appears, as it might not be there for you to take advantage of tomorrow. If you don’t have the funds at the time to pay for your flight, simply borrow the amount you need.

Whether you borrow money from a loved one or whether you borrow from a lending company that offers same day payday loans, get the sum you need to cover your travel expenses. As long as you have the time and capabilities to pay your borrowed amount back before you jet off (you don’t want it hanging over you during your time away), this is a suitable action for you to take.

When it comes to finding the best flight prices, head to online comparison sites. Here, you’ll be able to compare flight prices departing from and landing at all airports at all times of the year. Just remember, your cookies will be remembered every time you use a site, which means your prices will go up just a little bit every time the site is accessed on your device.

To avoid this happening, make sure always to use the site when in “incognito mode.” Your browser will always allow you to search the Internet in this manner.

Change your money before you head off

If you are traveling to a country that deals with a currency different from your own, then it will pay for you to get your money changed before you head off. This is because, either way, you’re going to have to get your money changed at some point, and you’ll always be able to find a friendlier exchange rate in your country of residence.

Don’t leave it until you get to the airport, either, as doing that will prove to be just as costly. Instead, make sure to order the amount of the currency you are going to need well in advance of your departure date.

Take a specialist or prepaid card out with you

When you try to use your regular debit or credit card abroad, you will fall foul of extra charges. To save yourself from having to pay unnecessary amounts of money just to take money out in the first place, use a specialist credit card or a prepaid card instead. Most big banks offer specialist cards, and using one will afford you the chance to tap into fee-free overseas charges.

By using a prepaid card, you will be able to lock in the exchange rate as it was when you bought the card, meaning you could save yourself from paying more as your traveling commences should the exchange rate change at any point.

Plan everything before you go

When traveling, it is good to be as spontaneous as you can be – in most of the things that you do. When it comes to your spending habits, however, you should try to plan everything out. By setting money aside for your necessities, such as your living expenses and the cost of food and drink, you will find yourself having more of a grasp over what you can afford to spend on other activities like excursions and bar crawls.

Spend in all the right ways

When it comes to spending abroad, there are a few right ways to do it. First of all, you should always seek to spend a set amount of money each day. By setting yourself a daily spending limit; you’ll find that your finances will stretch and that you’ll mount up less debt. Secondly, you should always seek to spend in the local currency. This will stop you from falling foul of a poor exchange rate.

Thirdly, you should refrain from spending leftover cash just for the sake of it. The more you can save today, the more you’ll be able to spend tomorrow. In regards to the latter, this means refraining from having dessert if you’re full after your main meal!

If the cost of traveling has long put you off embracing your inner nomad, then make sure to consider the above advice. By booking your flights early, you will catch them at their cheapest, meaning you will save a load on your travel expenses. By changing your money before you leave, you will stop yourself from becoming the victim of a crippling exchange rate.

By using specialist cards, you can avoid having to pay out unnecessary amounts of money. By planning everything before you leave, you will see your money stretch further. Finally, by spending in all the right ways, you will stop yourself from mounting up debts!

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