How To Keep The Good Smell And Tidy Look Of Your Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the most used room in a household. If you cook and eat every day, then you will be familiar with the smells that can develop in the kitchen.

If the kitchen area is messy and smelly, the bad odor will mostly spread to the rest of the house and it will make it difficult for you to enjoy a clean and fresh home. The kitchen is the main room of the house, and if it is affecting the whole house, it may, therefore, hurt how you feel overall. No one wants to spend most of the day cleaning the kitchen two or three times a day, particularly after cooking. However, there are a few simple things that you may do daily without spending a vast amount of time in the kitchen that will also guarantee a good smelling and tidy kitchen.

Remove the Root of the Problem

Firstly, you will not be able to get rid of horrendous smells if you do not remove any rubbish that may be in the kitchen, causing these smells. Food waste is a normal part of the process of cooking and its daily occurrence is unavoidable, there are many types of trash cans you can use to better contain the smell, which you can learn more about from this website, however, this means you should take the rubbish out daily, at the end of each day. This is usually a chore no one enjoys, however, rubbish is the main root of bad smells in the kitchen and if you get rid of it every day the likelihood of a great smelling kitchen will increase. 

Having said this, you should also remove any old food from the fridge and ensure there is not an onion or potato rotting in the pantry. If you have a bad smell in the kitchen, do a full sweep of the area to identify and remove the problem. This may seem like a basic piece of advice, but oftentimes we focus on the symptoms so much (i.e. the smell) that we forget to search for the source of the odor. After you have accomplished this, there are other things that you can do to ensure your kitchen remains clean and tidy, even when you are using it daily.

Keep the Kitchen Area Clutter-Free

Many people tend to leave a lot of appliances they own on top of their counters even if this is not used very often. This will give the kitchen a messy and cluttered look and it will also take away any additional space that you may need to cook in. If possible, you should consider storing the appliances in cupboards and always put them back after you have used them. This will make your kitchen instantly look a lot cleaner and more organized and it will make it so much easier for you to keep it clean and tidy daily.

Clean as You Cook

If you use your kitchen to cook every day, it will not be possible to keep it spotless at all times. However, if you get in the habit of cleaning as you cook, cleaning up after every meal will be much easier as there will not be a pile of pots and pans by the sink or spillages that may have occurred on the stove. It is also a good idea to keep a plastic bag next to you so that you can put all of your mess in the bag as you cook.  Quickly wipe away any mess as you cook before this dries making it a lot more difficult to clean.

Slow Down

It is easier said than done – however, you all have better things to do than being in the kitchen cooking a cleaning day after day. But the more rushed you are, the more mess you are likely to make. Try to relax and give yourself time to cook and clean along the way and try to enjoy it as you do it. Many people find that it works for them to look at cleaning as a form of meditation rather than a mandatory chore.

Kitchen Tidy Look

No Junk Policy

This ties in with what we first mentioned, about not having countless appliances on your countertops. Have a look around and check what you have in the kitchen that you need. If there are things you do not need, consider throwing them away or giving them to people who would make good use of them. This does not only apply to appliances – we all have that one drawer that we use to store anything that does not seem to have any other place. Make sure you go through this and get rid of anything that you do not need.

Cleaning Solutions

Use cleaning solutions and make sure you wipe your counters, stovetop, and fridge daily, particularly after cooking. If you do this every night before bed, you are sure to wake up to a clean and tidy kitchen every morning and it will also get rid of any smells. Many people neglect their sinks, not realizing this can be a strong source of bad smells. Make sure you always clean the sink thoroughly and check that there is no leftover food in the sinkhole. A great tip for a great smelling kitchen is to pour a bit of fabric conditioner in the sink with warm water, this will make your whole kitchen smell amazing.

Maintaining your kitchen looking nice and tidy and smelling fresh does not have to mean spending effortless hours cleaning and tidying. As long as you keep only what you need at hand, remove all rubbish, and wipe the surfaces daily, you should be able to enjoy a clean kitchen as well as enjoy any time out of the kitchen to the fullest.

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