How To Keep Your Face Hydrated

Is your skin hydrated or dry? Hydrated skin is radiant, smooth, and has a tone. To have such skin, you have to quench the thirst of your skin continuously

Is your skin hydrated or dry? Hydrated skin is radiant, smooth, and has a tone. To have such skin, you have to quench the thirst of your skin continuously. Factors like lifestyle, products you use, climate, and age will determine your skin type. Some wrong and internet popularized hacks may worsen your skin type. It’s typical for acne and dryness, among other skin problems. 

It would be best to build a skincare routine daily. It will help to achieve skin health and fight issues like scarring, dark spots, and acne. has got good tips that you can follow. 

The following steps will help you achieve hydrated skin all through the day.


Drink Much Water

To hydrate your skin, you have to hydrate your body first. You should drink at least eight glasses of water daily. The amount of water intake will depend on your weight and daily activities. 

Skincare Hydrating Products

The skincare hydrating products should include the following;


It would be best to use a cleanser that doesn’t leave the skin tight after the washing process. Don’t clean your face more than two times a day. If your skin is dry, clean once and dry it and avoid makeup. Don’t wash for a squeaky-clean feeling since the natural skins’ oils are gone. 


Serums with vitamin C or growth factors and or peptides are best if used in the morning on sunscreen. At night, use prescription or retinol retinoids. 


Oily skins also need a moisturizer. The moisturizer should be lightweight, non-comedogenic, or gel-based. 

It doesn’t have to block skin pores. On dry skin, use crème-based moisturizers. Most brands label their products as either cream or gel on packets. 


Use sunscreen, having at least 30 SPF 15 minutes before heading outdoors. A sunscreen takes time to activate. For dark skin tones, use sun protection since hyperpigmentation is harder to rectify. 


It’s a popular product in the beauty industry. It has the dehydrating characteristic that relieves the skin from dryness and itching. 

The product is a humectant. It attracts environmental moisture onto the surface of the skin. 

Hydrating products should have the following ingredients. 

Hyaluronic acid

It maintains skin elasticity and prevents signs of early aging. It has water-binding properties that replenish the skin.


Ceramides build up and repair skin barriers that inhibit water loss. The fences keep moisture. 


It penetrates the skin to impact moisture in the cells. It stops trans epidermal water loss, meaning it improves skin barrier functions. 


Urea breaks and loosens hardened proteins. It helps to relieve the skin from itching and roughness. 

 Avoid Long And Hot Showers.

Long baths can damage skin barriers. It will result in moisture and essential oils loss resulting in skin dehydration. Use lukewarm water for bathing. 

Eat watery foods

Vegetables and fruits have many other benefits on your skin apart from hydrating. Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges have juice rich in vitamins C, vital for skin texture. Vitamin B3 and A  are essential to improve skin health. 

Use A Humidifier

The humidifier is essential when the moisture content in the surrounding is low. This product is helpful in dry winter seasons. 

Use facemasks or sheets.

Facemasks have hydrating ingredients. Using a hydrating facemask in a daily skincare program keeps your skin moist and plump. 

Face Masks reduce the dark circles and fine lines from appearing.



Dehydrated skin isn’t a risky skin condition. Creams, hydrating serums, and lotions will help you overcome this condition. They will help to improve your skin texture. Shop them and use their guidelines in the application.


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