How To Keep Your Home Cool During The Hot Summer Days

In warmer months, it’s tempting to turn the air conditioner on and spend hours in a cold/colder area. This may sound comfortable, but the truth is that people often forget just how dangerous it can be to spend hours under the air conditioner.

There are more natural and more cost-efficient wars to keep cool. There are plenty of ways to buffer your home from the heat without racking up the electric bill.

Reduce and Reflect Sunlight

Natural light is excellent for melatonin and healthier sleep quality. Plus, direct sunlight coming to the living room can significantly increase the home’s value.

Yet, direct sunlight coming into the home can increase the temperature. This can be a real challenge when trying to lower the home temperature.

Placing curtains that can block light can help people breathe better and deal with hot summer days more easily. Keep curtains dropped until the sunset.

Use Water

When it comes to hot summer days, nothing can help like being near the water. Not everyone lives near water, and many are in busy city urban areas, meaning there are usually no natural water areas.

Still, leaving bowls of water around the house can help. This simple move will cool hot air. Trees and plants are great support as well. Investing in landscape and plants can keep the temperature down, and even provide enjoyable natural shade.

As expected, a magnificent landscape can also increase home value. Big trees in front of a home can keep the sunlight away.

Always water plants and trees!

Replace Your Windows

The best solution comes to those who are willing to invest. Technology is progressing each year, and what was popular in the ’50s is outdated in the 21st-century market – from design to materials and efficiency.

When it comes to replacement windows, the best option should include:

  1. Great Insulation
  2. Solar Reflective Coating
  3. Energy Savings

It’s usually tempting to open windows during the hot day, but this practice should be forbidden inside the home. If windows are open, the hot air will enter inside. As simple as that.

That’s why it’s smarter to open them once the temperature goes down. Good home airing is a must. Just know when to do it.

Switch It Off

Appliances are, next to windows, the most significant source of unwanted heat in the home. An oven is probably the most apparent consumer, so if possible, all the cooking should be done outside.

Turn appliances off when not in use. Being energy efficient should be a standard today, so switching to low energy light bulbs can be smart. This way overheating will decrease, and more money will be saved.

Cotton Sheets

Sleep experts agree that natural fibers are the best material to keep the human body cool.

Natural fibers are cotton and linen, and they will always let the extra air in. Plus, these materials are great for sweaty sleepers.

Satin and silk can be used during the colder days. In the summer, the advantage should go toward breathable materials, like Egyptian cotton.

The Bottom Line

Keeping cool is possible while being cost-efficient and responsible for nature. Since blinds can prevent up to 30 percent of unwanted heat, this should be practiced in every home.

Blackout curtains are a great choice. They come in many colors, including neutral tones, so they can easily adapt to any style.

Focus on the temperature in your body, not the house. People can survive without air conditioning by sipping tasty iced drinks, placing a water bowl inside the home, and keeping windows closed during the day.

Experts recommend a bowl of cool water by the bed with occasional feet dipping if needed. This way, anyone can cool off naturally and fast, without disturbing others.

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