How To Keep Your Home Safe and Secure During the Holidays

Do you remember the film Home Alone? It’s a popular family film, especially around the holidays, and it’s not surprising, given how funny it is.

The film’s idea, on the other hand, is rather shocking. The Wet Bandits are casing the McCallister family’s house as they prepare to leave on a holiday trip out of the country. They aim to break into the family’s residence after they’re gone. The con men’s plot would have been successful if it hadn’t been for Kevin’s wit.

With the holidays coming, many people will travel out of town to see friends or family or enjoy themselves at a famous holiday resort. The issue is, how safe is your house while you’re not there? If you’re unsure, keep the following home security suggestions from an expert locksmith Arvada in mind:

 Is Anyone at Home?  

Robbery is a crime of opportunity, and these unscrupulous criminals frequently choose a property where no one appears to be present. Most thieves will first scope out a neighborhood before striking. A mailbox full of letters, parcels, and porches with no lights turned on are some indicators most thieves would look for.

That being said, the best method to make your home less appealing to burglars is to make it appear occupied. You may have the post office keep your mail until you get home, or you can have someone you trust (a close friend or neighbor) come to your house daily to pick up the mail.

You may also buy an automated porch light with a timer that you can program to turn on and off at predetermined intervals. Outdoor lighting with a motion sensor, which comes on when it senses movement in its proximity, is another excellent choice for deterring burglars from accessing a home.

Finally, another helpful home security tip is to keep your outdoor furniture, including your grill, fire pit accessories, bicycles, and so on, in your garage or shed, as these will be easy pickings for robbers.

 Take Out the Trash  

According to Stanford University, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Americans generate 25% more waste. And, as online shopping becomes more popular, more boxes, packing peanuts, and holiday supplies will end up in your trash.

Your waste attracts more than just pests; it also draws robbers. They’ll interpret the box where your new TV arrived as a message that they shouldn’t pass up on your house.

Do not place boxes on the curb. Fold them and place them in trash bags. Better still, please drop them off at a cardboard recycling center before you leave. Whether you have a friendly relationship with your neighbors, ask one of them if they may dump some of their garbage in front of your house on pick-up day if you are not present. Because there is no waste to clean up, robbers can determine if someone is at home or away for the holidays.

 Protect Your Windows  

Windows are the most convenient method for robbers to enter and exit your home. They are also one of your home’s weakest areas in terms of security. After all, attackers smashing or prying open windows is hardly unheard of.

So make sure they lock correctly, and if they’re not firmly fastened, get them mended before you go. Also, avoid placing valuables near windows since this may appear to criminals as an open invitation to select your home. Store your valuables in covered safes or a safety deposit box instead.

 Prepare Your Key Safe  

Gone are the days when you could safely hide your extra keys under the doormat. Key safes are an excellent method to keep keys and other tiny valuables like fob cards safe. Most of them are accessed with a four-digit code, providing trustworthy friends or neighbors access to your home.

 Your Home Security System Is Your Best Friend  

A home security system is the most effective technique to discourage thieves, and many experts consider it one of the most fantastic holiday home safety ideas. You have several alternatives, and you may select one based on your budget or desired amount of control.

Install wireless entry and motion detectors around your windows and doors, as well as a loud alarm that informs you and your security provider if a breach occurs.

Avoid do-it-yourself home security systems. Burglars may target home security systems like these since they are unreliable and easy to hack. Finally, disable any unique access codes you don’t require while you’re away.

 Invest in Smart Locks 

Smart locks and other intelligent security gadgets are among the most effective methods to monitor your property even while you’re thousands of miles away. These incredible holiday security systems are readily linked to mobile phones, allowing you to monitor and operate your home’s locks while away.

Smart locks and security equipment may also remotely warn you via your smartphone if someone tries to break into your house, allowing you to react by calling the police or a friend to check on your property.

Go Heavy Duty 

Securing your primary access points, such as doors, is your first protection against intruders. Make sure all your doors and windows have working locks and consider adding superior heavy-duty deadbolts and double locks to keep criminals out.

 Key Takeaway  

The holidays are one of the rare occasions you leave your house; use these holiday home safety recommendations to keep your home secure while you’re away. Install home security systems and indoor and outdoor lighting that switch on and off while you’re away to make your home appear occupied.

To keep the cold and robbers away, place heavy-duty locks and deadbolts on your doors and protect your windows. Install smart locks, smart home security devices, and a key safe where trustworthy friends or neighbors can access your keys.

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