How To Keep Your Stone Benchtops Clean

When it comes to keeping your kitchen clean, there are a lot of steps you can do if you really want it to spotless. There are several parts of the kitchen that need cleaning and benchtops are one of them. Recently stone benchtops have been very popular due to their unique designs and the simplicity of how they are and how they elegantly look. Still, it is a kitchen and things will tend to become dirty sooner or later be it spilled ingredients, dust over time and more. Stone benchtops are considered to be luxurious by some and we all want things in our kitchen to stay clean and in good condition and that is why it is important to know how to clean and keep them clean.

Wipe Regularly

One of the most important things is to always keep your benchtops clean as sometimes dust or other sources of dirt may make their way on top of it. This along with any other spilled ingredients or dropped food may combine and cause an even worse mess. Wiping your benchtops every now and then to make sure that is clean is a very important step in making sure that they stay clean. This is also good for hygiene, especially for kids and those you rest their hand or arms on these from time to time. A single moment is enough to catch germs or get dusty so it’s best to always stay clean by making sure the area around you is clean.

Clean Up Any Mess

If there is a mess, don’t let it stay overnight and this is especially if its food, drinks or anything else that could possibly cause any stains or nasty residue. Even oily food or substances can stay regardless of a lot of wiping which can later on turn into something that makes things nastier. Once there is a mess, be sure not to leave it if you can but definitely avoid letting it stay until the next day. Keeping the benchtop clean at all time will prevent any worse kind of staining, spreading of unwanted residue and will make things much more hygienic around the kitchen. Cleaning Ease notes this is a common issue where stains are formed from sauces which are left for days, which can make it more difficult for your cleaner to fix.

Use Proper Cleaning Products

One of the biggest mistakes that can happen is using the wrong cleaning products, just because a bar of soap works on your body doesn’t mean it will work everywhere else. Adding water and simply wiping won’t always do the trick as well as there will still be something left behind depending on what you cleaned up. It is wise to purchase products such as cleaning kits or cleaning spray that can help you properly clean the benchtop and in some instances, there are even products that help you removes stains and other residue.

Some cases may occur where there might have accidentally been a spill or a forgotten spot where residue has built up and perhaps a stain or something nasty had begun to form up. Using products meant for cleaning and removing unwanted stains and more from stone benchtops may be used to rid them of such unhygienic substances.

Place Mats Or Cloths

Aside from being good for making things look a little less plain, using mats or cloths can be used to prevent the stone benchtop from getting dirty or damaged due to either object placed on them which may be hot or dirty. This can avoid the need to clean up a mess that may be caused and can avoid damage that might occur if unnoticed. Placing hot pots or pans on a stone tabletop may cause damage or may leave marks so it is best to wait for them to cool down or use a mat. Using mats or cloths are a good way to clean up any temporary mess that might have occurred on top of it instead of having to clean up a whole mess this can be a solution, especially when you don’t have the time to clean on certain days.

Avoid Placing Damaging Objects

Be sure not to place things that are extremely hot or very heavy on them to an extent that they won’t be able to handle them. Although stone benchtops are sturdy, everything has a limit and its best to always be careful and avoid placing any objects that can damage them, especially dropping anything on the stone benchtop as well.


Stone tabletops are indeed a very lovely addition to any kitchen and the multiple designs to choose from making it even better. It is important we know how to keep them clean so we don’t have to go through the process of needing to find solutions when situations that they are too dirty to handle or worse, replacing them due to deterioration on the damage. Be sure not to let any spills or dropped food to remain present as these must be cleaned in order to prevent further spreading of oils, liquids and more. There are products available to ease the cleaning and also those for cleaning properly. If you want to make sure your stone benchtops are always in good condition, you need to keep them clean at all times.

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