How To Know If Working In Data Science Is A Good Fit For You

According to the statistics that were published relatively recently, data science is growing more and more in popularity. How come? Well, that’s because there are a plethora of jobs in this field created each year.

Plus, let’s not forget to accentuate the fact that the salaries in this line of work are very good. So what’s not to love about it? But still, no matter how appealing it may be to you at first glance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right for you.

Not every profession that offers great income and is popular is ideal for everybody, however, if you’re having second thoughts about it, then maybe this information below will make things a bit clearer.

Key Signs That Data Science Is A Perfect Career Opportunity For You

You Love Analyzing Things And Act Like A True Detective

You have probably figured out by now that data science is a pretty analytical discipline. So if you’ve been wanting to become Hercule Poirot your entire life, then who knows, maybe this job is truly intended for you.

It’s generally for very ambitious individuals who are not able to relax until they’ve solved a particular issue. Now, if you are determined about it, yet you are yearning to educate yourself properly, then you should consider applying for masters of data science online program that will provide you with the necessary skills that will help you successfully solve any issues and become a true leader in a certain company. Now, moving on to Hercule Poirot.

If you honestly love to investigate, then you need to think deeply about a specific problem you are dealing with and perceive it from different angles. Only then you’ll know for sure what type of data you can use and what to stay away from.

One of the biggest virtues of a typical data scientist is the fact that this person can interrogate their presumptions and approach every single issue with a fresh point of view. 

Of course, you would never be able to do this without experience in this field. Just bear in mind, that in data science, the models that you’ve been utilizing before, may not work the right way next time.

You Are Not Afraid To “Get Your Hands Dirty” To Properly Execute Any Task

A typical data scientist normally has a huge amount of data, both unstructured and structured. In case you didn’t know, organizing, standardizing, and cleaning it is practically inevitable in this profession. 

This is of huge importance because algorithms require data to be beneficial. Therefore, you need to ask yourself if you are willing to execute data preparation constantly until you get the right data to delve into insights.

Anything Else That We Forgot To Mention?

What About Necessary Technical Skills?

Even though this profession is generally background-agnostic it still doesn’t mean that you do not need a particular set of technical skills, along with a common language to deal with data. What does it involve?

Namely, you should get yourself familiar with different programming languages, such as SAS, Python, and R. Anyone who works in this field must be knowledgeable when it comes to them. A lot of programmers are very fond of Python because it is pretty easy to use, has omnipotent community support, and comes with a huge set of libraries.

Besides the aforementioned skills, you should also have a solid knowledge of algorithms, CUDA, GPU, command of visualization tools like Microsoft BI, and Tableau, and be a true expert when it comes to Hadoop. 

You Simply Adore Statistics & Mathematics 

Although you should be fond of statistics, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this profession is the same as typical statistics. Even though it does leverage these tools, the main goal of Data Science is to properly assess, organize, and interpret data in a way that helps a certain institution achieve its goals.

When an individual is handling very large sets of data, it frequently includes employing Machine and AI Learning. Furthermore, by making major insights, you can help a company figure out precisely where they are losing money, analyze customer behavior and so many other different tasks.

In these types of situations, your statistical and mathematical skills are going to be of huge importance and will help you get the job done. Besides these, your analytical capabilities are also going to help you understand the data you work with and explain it thoroughly to your superiors and colleagues.

You Are Interested In Coding And You Already Have Some Experience In It 

Now it’s time to let you know that you’ll be spending a solid amount of time coding. Namely, you will be obligated to develop automation, scripts, and programs so you can manage the huge volumes of data you deal with.

Additionally, there will be unstructured data, and at times, you will have to handle data in real time. As previously mentioned, programs such as Python are oftentimes used in this field, so it would be advisable to start learning it unless you already know it.

Keep in mind, that you’ll be doing a lot of coding, hence you must love it to enjoy your job. Therefore, being capable of sitting and coding all by yourself is very essential.

You Are Generally Very Curious 

People who have chosen this career are not only required to get themselves familiar with programming languages, turning data into visualization and database management, but they also have to be extremely analytical and should generally be very curious, particularly regarding the things that surround them.

Moreover, these people must be quite diligent with personality attributes that emulate the quality assurance department as they assess large volumes of information and also search for answers and trends. 

Generally speaking, curiosity should always be combined with data science because only then will a person be able to look beyond the surface and reveal deeper anomalies and patterns in specific data.

data science is a very interesting and dynamic profession

Based on the facts that we provided you with, it’s easy to see that data science is a very interesting and dynamic profession, but still, you have to sit down and ask yourself whether that’s your destiny or not.

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