How To Live Like A Prepper

In the past few years, there has been a movement where people prepare for worst case scenarios. They stockpile food, guns, and other supplies just in case disasters or political unrest should happen. This might have seemed a bit overboard a few years ago, however, in the past few years, the world has gone through great changes. With these chaotic changes, maybe living the life of a prepper is not so bad. Here are tips on how to live like a prepper.

1. Move To A More Secluded Location To Live

When it comes to being a serious prepper, it is important that you move to a more secluded location. Remember that you want to be able to secure your home in case a chaotic situation arises. You will also want to make your home as self-sufficient as possible. The best way to do this is to move to a less urban area and go to a rural one instead.

By living in a rural area, you will be able to live a more self-sufficient life. If you are going to live in a rural area, you should try setting up a farm. By doing so, you will be able to grow your own food. However, if you lived in the city your whole life, you might not know how to cultivate plants. If you want to learn how to set up a farm, you should check websites such as Guyabouthome. The website contains some of the best tips for gardening and anything that involves plant life.

2. Learn How To Hunt

If you want to make sure that you are as self reliant as possible, it is important that you learn how to hunt. Remember that the ability to hunt is an important aspect of prepper life. It is also an effective way to get food during lean months.

As a rule, you should bring a rifle or two with you for big game hunting. You could also bring a hunting bow for a smaller game. Aside from the rifles and bows, you should also bring as much ammunition with you as well.

3. Invest In Home Defense Weapons

One of the most important aspects of living a life as a prepper is the ability to defend yourself. Remember that you should be able to defend yourself from any type of home invasion. By investing in a home defense weapon, you will be able to defend yourself from any form of attack.

Aside from your guns and bows, you could also invest in less deadly weapons such as tasers and pepper sprays.

4. Have An Emergency Pack Ready

When it comes to being prepared for any eventuality, it is important that you have an emergency pack at the ready. Remember that an emergency could arise at any time, and you may be forced to leave your home.

When you set up your emergency pack, you should pack with all the essentials such as a first aid kit, hand sanitizers, and some emergency snacks. When you make your emergency pack, you should make sure that the pack is as durable as possible. Remember that you will need to carry it around with you during times of emergency, so it should be able to handle a good deal of punishment.

5. Pack A First Aid Kit

Aside from an emergency pack, you should make sure that you have a first aid kit at the ready as well. Remember that there will be times when you will need to cure yourself at a moment’s notice. Living in a rural area, you won’t have access to medical centers. This could be a dangerous situation if you get injured or sick. By having a medical kit at the ready, you will be more than ready to treat yourself.

When you pack up your first aid kit, you should fill it up with all the necessary items, such as bandages, disinfectants, gauze pads, etc. If you require medication, you should also bring a medicine box that contains at least a year’s supply. Just be careful to check their expiration date. If your excess medication expires, don’t forget to stock up on them when you go into town.

6. Learn How To Forage For Food

Aside from being able to hunt, you should also learn how to forage for food. Remember that you won’t be able to hunt for food all the time. You also won’t be able to farm food all year round. By learning how to forage for herbs, root crops, and other types of food, you will still be able to feed yourself and your family no matter the situation.

Invest In A Safe

As a prepper, you should be able to engage in any emergency that comes your way. You should also be able to protect your valuables from getting stolen. If you want to protect your valuables, the best way to do so is to get a good quality safe. Getting a safe is a great investment because it will give you peace of mind. If you want to invest in a safe that is both durable and safe, you should try out Safewell safes. The safe manufacturer creates safes that are very well made, and affordable as well. Remember though that safes could be stolen as well. As a precaution, you should also make sure to hide it from plain sight. Build a wall safe or a floor safe. These methods will allow you to hide your safe in plain sight.


If you want to live life as a prepper, you should make sure that you know how to actually live like one. There is more to being a prepper than just looking like one. You will need the skills as well.

With these tips, you’ll be able to live like a prepper in the best way possible.

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