How to Look Like Kim Kardashian on Your Wedding Day

You might not have the famous makeup artist Mario or hairstylist Chris McMillan by your side, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like Kim Kardashian on your wedding day. When you know the main tricks, you can also get the look you want. Hopefully, the following advice will let you nail the glamorous image you desire.

How to Look Like Kim Kardashian on Your Wedding Day

Bronze Goddess Makeup Look

Kim Kardashian is known for her neutral bronzy makeup style that makes her look classy and sexy at the same time. Fortunately, replicating her makeup isn’t difficult at all. Even if you don’t have the skill yourself, you can be certain that every makeup artist has worked with this style of makeup before. However, if you’re too pale, the bronzy look might be too harsh on your skin tone. If that’s the case, getting some fake tan for your wedding day would be a big plus.


The 70’s Inspired Hairstyle

When it comes to Kim K’s glamorous wedding day hairstyle, she decided to mix the retro feel with elegance. As such, her half-do is sleek at the top and falls in loose waves at the bottom. If you want to replicate the look, use a round brush, and blow dryer to create the curls. Still, you can also stick to the curling iron with a wider barrel. Make a center part and smooth it out with a comb soaked in serum or hairspray. Tease your hair at the back and smooth out the half-do over it. Spray everything into place and voila – your hair is ready for the accessories and veil.


Perfect Your Look Even More

In case you want to replicate Kim’s wedding look as closely as possible, you might be ready to make the most out of available beauty treatments as well. Aside from the typical skin rejuvenation procedures, Kim’s signature look also focuses on full and juicy lips. Those of you who want that kind of a pout should look into lip augmentation procedures. It may not be the salon that Kim visits, but you can still utilize the professionalism of the clinic performing lip injections in Gilbert AZ to inform yourself better on the procedure and get a feel of what an expert clinic should deliver. Lip injections have become a rather popular beauty procedure but you should still choose a place that’s known for their professionalism, safety, and expertise. What’s more, the entire procedure and recovery don’t take too long at all.


What About the Wedding Dress?

Kim K wore three designer dresses for her wedding day. If you think that’s over the top, you can stick with one, or you can also go with three different wedding looks. Of course, there’s no need to spend money on designer dresses as you can find similar designs in stores, too. Her first wedding dress is quite formal and princess-like, with a big tulle ball gown and modified sweetheart-neck bodice, with lace covering the entire bodice and flowing down to the gown. Kim’s second dress featured a mermaid silhouette with lace details on the bodycon area and a puffy skirt that sparkled in petals and embroidery. The Old Hollywood look inspired Kim’s third wedding dress look as she wore a circle-style simple vintage-like dress with deep V-neck.


Sparkly Wedding Accessories

There’s no need to spend a lot of money to cover yourself in diamonds as Kim K did for her wedding to get a similar look. After all, there are many more affordable options out there. For her headpiece, Kim picked out a diamond headband, which is not difficult to dupe at all. She opted for diamond drop earrings, which is, again, a very popular earring style. Finally, her veil was a lace edge cathedral veil, which is a very traditional choice.

The most important part of looking like Kim Kardashian on your wedding day is to radiate confidence. This is your day and you’re the queen of the castle!

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