How To Maintain Human Hair Wigs

The great thing about wigs is that besides giving you the hair of your desire, they require less maintenance and care. Taking care of wigs is essential to maintain their quality. Take care of your human hair wig just like your own natural hair because it extends the wig’s life span, and you get the most wear out of it.

 Here are complete care tips on maintaining hair wigs so that they will stay in excellent condition. With proper care of wigs, make them last and experience wearing one that gives you the feeling of the best human hair wigs. You can also buy wigs in the Indique Black Friday Sale if you think you need to buy a new one.

Nurture wigs with the goodness of  Conditioners

Conditioning is one of the vital steps to follow after you finish washing a wig. While the hair is still wet, pour some conditioners on your palm first and rub them together. Work the conditioner all through the hair, and spread it generously.

Be careful with the hand-tied areas because it tends to be fragile and the conditioner can make the hand-tied knots loose, resulting in hair loss. Leave the conditioner for a few minutes or more and thoroughly rinse hair over cold running water.

Using Non-oily conditioners a few times before wearing your hair wigs will help keep your hair silky and smooth. It also prevents static electricity and keeps your hair moistened.  With nourishing conditioners, have great silky wig hair like never before and experience new hair every day.

Importance of drying your wig

Let the wigs dry in a ventilated place and avoid sun exposure. Avoid using a blower to dry your hair wig instead of using a dry towel to suck additional water in the hair.

 You cannot shake your wig in a towel after washing it because hair can break easily. Carefully dry it piece-by-piece so that strands of fibers don’t fall off. One crucial tip is never to style your wig while it’s wet because stylers are known to damage your wig.

Be gentle when you comb and avoid using regular brushes. Minimize combing every day to prevent any hair from getting loose. Always start by brushing the hair from the ends to the top. This way, you will prevent your hair wig from shedding. Do not comb too close to the lace base.

As far as possible, let the wigs air dry because air drying is the best method to dry wigs.

Extreme heat can be damaging to wigs.

Keep it away from extreme heat, especially near a fire, or a heat vent. Also anywhere elsewhere it may be damaged from heat over time. Don’t expose your locks to heat for a long time either when you are wearing your wig.

Avoid sitting close to a fire and do not use a hairdryer on wigs. Once wigs are damaged, they it’s hard to repair. Limit using Flat-iron or curling wands too often, as it makes your hair wig dry, less shiny, and breaks them.

Store the wigs properly.

 Store wigs in a careful manner! While you’re at home, take it off, and use a wig stand. The stand helps to maintain its shape and avoids tangling and breakage. Another great option to store wigs is to place your human hair wig in its original packaging.

When you are not wearing it, place it in its box and shake it. You will notice it will be in its original state instantly.

Frequency of Washing wigs

 Be it any kind of wig, and whether they are straight, curly, long, or wigs, etc. get the most benefits out of the wigs and achieve the maximum life, it is important to wash your wig after every 1-2 months of wearing them.

Wig shampooing

 The hair experts recommend that you add one tablespoon of wig shampoo to a sink or basin that is already filled with cold water. Then immerse the wig in the water and leave it for one minute and wash gently. Always remember not to rub. Using your fingers, run them over the cap’s inside, into the part where it meets your forehead.

This way, you can remove oils and sweat. Be cautious and gentle on any hand-tied area of the wig cap because this area is the most delicate.  Use cold clear water until the wig is thoroughly rinsed. Limit washing wigs and condition them once a week to keep the wigs looking good. Keeping your scalp clean is equally important. Before wearing your wig, ensure that your scalp is clean and oil-free.


Knowing how to care for your wigs is quite an investment and worth it. With proper hair care, routinely make your hair wig last longer, keeping them looking silky and new. Take care of wigs, be they lace front wigs or synthetic wigs, maintain their quality, and make wigs look great at the same time.


  1. Thanks for the good advice. I need to show this article to my wife, I’m sure she will be very happy! I even initiate that she follow your instructions. As a result of the accident, she lost a good portion of her hair and now has to wear wigs! Very often encountering problems that are indicated in the description! But now we are going to try the care with paris!

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