How to Make a Logo Presentation

The logo is quite an important part of any brand. The presentation of the logo is one of the key values during the adoption of the logo because it will tell about all the advantages of the logo, as well as its advertising opportunities.

Today, the easiest way to create a good logo is by a logo designer. The logo is created based on current trends, as well as the wishes of the customer in a short time, you can make several variants of logos at once, and then choose the most attractive one, which can be left unchanged or modified independently.

Some people prefer to use an online logo maker, but this option means that you’re on your own, if you don’t have any design skills you may struggle to design the right logo.

What is a logo?

The logo is the face of any brand. With the help of a logo, you can leave a certain message to all customers, because that’s what they see in the first place. It represents a certain pattern (icon, test label, or otherwise) and is associated with a certain brand or product.

The logo performs many functions. All of them are aimed at improving popularity and brand awareness. That is why it is necessary to have a good logo that will differ favorably from the logos of competing brands.

How to make a logo presentation

How to make a logo presentation

Presentation by Tornike Uchava

Before the presentation, it is necessary to make sure that the logo (logos) meets all the requirements of the customer, and then develop a monochrome version and a negative version.

The presentation must contain text, so it is necessary to develop the next part of the presentation in advance so as not to be distracted by it in the future. It is also recommended to number all variants of logos and display all available variants (with numbering) at the end of the presentation to facilitate the choice.

This approach will allow you to exclude a large number of different edits (in some cases, exclude them altogether), as well as calculate the cost of all services in advance.

Often, many companies (freelancers) send a ready-made version of the logo directly by e-mail. Even though it is usually accompanied by text, customers do not always appreciate all the tricks that are present in the finished version.

It is recommended to make presentations in person (in cases where it is impossible via video communication) to explain the idea of the logo to the customer personally. This increases the chances of final success and also allows answering various questions of the customer and leaves a fairly good impression of their work, which in the future will contribute to the fact that the customer will again apply for this service or will advise other businessmen.

To improve the quality of the presentation, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

– Eliminate the use of a large number of colors

It should convey certain aspects, and not distract attention with bright colors. It is recommended to use no more than 2-3 primary colors.

– Do not use built-in templates

Built-in templates have several disadvantages that can affect the outcome of the presentation, so it is recommended to exclude them

– Use a readable font

There are many different fonts. In some cases, they provide unique solutions, but when making a presentation, it is better to use readable fonts to avoid the loss of readability of the text part of the presentation.

– Choose high-quality and attractive photos (pictures)

Bad pictures significantly degrade even the most magnificent presentation, which will affect the final impression.

– Absence of contours and shadows

The presence of contours makes the presentation out of date, which will also contribute to the deterioration of the overall impression. Contours in most cases appear automatically when drawing, which is why it is always necessary to check the slides before the presentation.

With proper use of shadows, you can create a unique presentation, but improper use of this element will make the product obsolete. It is better to exclude shadows in order not to worsen the presentation if used incorrectly.

– Simplification of diagrams and tables

The data should be easy to read, which is why only really important information should be displayed in them.

– It is necessary to use only high-quality icons

They will give visibility, which will have a positive impact on the presentation. At the same time, they contribute to the memorization of important information.

– Go beyond the established limits

There is no need to use ready-made options. Own options will add additional uniqueness to the presentation. When developing, it is necessary to take into account the color scheme, the direction of the business, as well as the scope of use of products.


A great logo presentation is an important element when creating a logo. It will allow the customer to understand the whole meaning of the logo, and will also allow them to show professionalism, which will positively affect the final impression of the customer.

The presentation is an important element of the presentation of the logo, it can contribute to the acceptance of the idea and the logo by the customer, as well as have the opposite effect, because of which it will be necessary to re-make various edits and modify the available options.

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