How to Make Dorm Cozy With a Limited Budget

Irrespective of how social you are there are bound to be instances where you want to enjoy some space from others. It is essential for an individual to have a safe area where they are comfortable and relaxed.

In your safe space, you do not have to worry about anyone else but yourself. Growing up your safe space might have been your own bedroom. The luxury of your own bedroom is not something that you can enjoy throughout your life.

How to Make Dorm Cozy With a Limited Budget

Most young adults have to share their living quarters when they go to college. While sharing a room can be a fun experience for most, it may never be as comfortable as your room back home.

However, you can try out a few diy room decor ideas that can give your dull temporary room some character.

Create a Head Board

You can change the look of your dorm room bed with this simple college room décor hack. While your basic dorm bed will come with nothing but a simple mattress and bed frame, you can add a headboard to it.

To add a headboard to your bed, you do not have to buy a new bead. You need a large piece of cardboard, cloth, and super-glue.

You need to measure and cut the cardboard to form the basic shape of the headboard. Spread the cloth on the floor and place the cut-out cardboard on the fabric. Fold the fabric and stick it to the cardboard.

The side of the cardboard where you have folded and stuck the cloth is the part, which will go up against the wall. Put the cardboard headboard up against the wall and push your bed against it to make the headboard stay in place.

Build a Canopy

Having a headboard can make your bed look classy, but why stop there? You can bring a more luxurious feel to your bed by creating a canopy. Again, you barely have to spend a few bucks on creating the DIY canopy instead of having to buy an expensive bed.

You would need four 3m hooks, four curtains, and some string. Stick the adhesive hooks over the four corners of your bed. Use the string to hang the curtains creating the canopy. You can use old curtains from your home to create the canopy.

You can keep the curtains bunched most of the time. Unfurl the curtains when you use the best assignment help Australia has to offer so that your roommate does not know the secret behind your excellent grades.

Enjoy privacy at your fingertips with the DIY canopy.


Have a Bedside Table

You do not need to crowd your small bedroom with all the things you need at hand. You can create a bedside table to keep your valuable belongings close. There are multiple ways of creating a bedside table. An upturned bin can be the perfect table to keep next to your bed.

Large wooden boxes can be painted to create a bed stand. With a large wooden box, you not only get the top as a surface for you to keep things, but you can also store your books inside the box as well.

A heavy sheet of cardboard can be attached on top of a plastic or wooden stool. Industrial glue can help you stick the board to the stool. If you need to keep a few items simple then you can just use a plastic or wooden stool with a broad top as a bedside table.

Decorate the Walls

Even the best college dorms come with monotonously painted walls. There are many ways in which you can change the feel of the room by decorating the walls.

Using the adhesive 3M hooks, you can create a tapestry on your wall. Stick the 3M hooks on the wall. Take an old white sheet and paint patterns onto the sheet. Punch holes into the top of the sheet allowing you to hang the sheet on the 3M hooks on the wall.

You can use double-sided tape to stick the colorful paper onto the wall. The paper can be the background for your photo wall. A large print of any picture can be used to cover the entire photo wall.

Alternatively, you can print small photographs and stick them on the wall. The colorful paper background allows you to write captions along with sticking photos. Or buy a custom neon sign at a budget-friendly price and put it on your wall, and make your room look stunning.

If you do not want to spend too much money and time decorating the wall you can simply take colorful sheets of paper and cut them into geometric shapes. Stick the cut-out shapes onto the wall using double-sided tape to create a wallpaper feel.

Tape to the Rescue

Masking tape and washi tape play a key role in dorm decorations. The two kinds of colorful tape are easy to remove.

Stick posters on your walls and frame them using either washi or masking tape.

Instead of cutting paper to create geometric shapes, the tapes can be used to create shapes and patterns on the walls.

Recycle Cans

Losing stationery is a part of college life. If you want to keep your stationery safe, then you should start recycling cans.

Any kind of can is used when making stationery holders and pen stands. Use tape and paint to decorate the cans. Put labels on the decorated cans to help keep your stationery organized.

Recycle Boxes

Just like cans, boxes help your room remain organized. Do not throw away the box you used to bring your things to the dorm. Paint them and decorate them to create a storage system. By putting labels on the boxes, you and your roommate will know where everything belongs.

Create a Green Space

Just because you are in a dorm room does not mean you cannot enjoy the greenery.

There are many kinds of potted plants that require very little care and space. Buy earthen pots and color them or use tape to decorate them. If you want to recycle then cans and plastic bottles are also useful as pots for these plants.

You may not be able to keep a pet in your dorm, but you can keep a plant instead.

Green Space office

Seating Arrangements

Your dorm room might come with a study table and chair, but that may not be enough for your social circle. Many college dorm ideas revolve around creating unique seating arrangements.

Floor cushions are a fun addition to your dorm you. Cheap floor cushions are easily purchasable. If you have the time then with the help of online tutorials you can try to make your own floor cushions.

Old foldable chairs might not seem like the best addition to your room. With a little makeover, foldable chairs add the bright pop your room needs. Paint the chair or use colorful tape to change the look of the chairs.

An easy way to fit a lot of people into a small dorm room is by sitting on the floor. Use an old bed sheet or an old rug from home to create a floor seating arrangement. A few throw cushions will change your floor into the best place to chill out.

You do not have to spend a lot of money on your temporary room. With the help of a few DIY tutorials, you can easily create a well-decorated living space in your college dorm.

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