How To Make E-Liquid Last Longer?

Are you tired of getting through too many vape juice bottles in a month? Well, running low on e-liquid every few days could be frustrating and heavy on the pocket as well. But high vape juice usage doesn’t always mean that you are hooked on vaping. Sometimes, the lack of the right techniques and poor equipment choices drains your reserve faster than you imagined.

Here are a few ways to save your vape juice and make your bottle last longer.

Try Higher Nicotine Level

Most novice vapers have trouble achieving a satisfying experience with vaping due to low nicotine strengths. They tend to use up a lot of e-liquid to match the expected feeling from consuming the vape juice, such as the perfect throat hit.

Try Higher Nicotine Level

Identifying the perfect nicotine concentration for your regular usage can be challenging. But you can experiment with different levels of nicotine and increase the concentration if necessary to find your match. Proper nicotine levels will reduce the number of pulls required to satisfy your cravings. It can efficiently reduce e-liquid consumption and will make your liquid last longer. You can alternatively use nicotine salt liquids that deliver smoother hits and instant satisfaction for nicotine enthusiasts.

Reduce The Device Wattage

Bidding adieu to high wattage devices can be an efficient way to reduce vape juice usage. High-power devices are quite fun to use as they give thick clouds and an amazing vaping experience. But using them at their full power can plow through your e-liquid.

Invest in top-quality epods that offer the liberty to customize power settings. They typically allow you to change the device’s resistance which can help you operate at lower power. This way, your e-juice usage is optimized without compromising much on the vapor density or the flavors. It will also prolong the battery life significantly. Play around with the power settings in your device to strike the right balance for the best experience.

Try Vape Pens And Pods

Vape pens and pods are designed to provide optimum vaping through a series of well-balanced parameters like power output. They work at a lower wattage and are low output devices that use up vape juices much slower than box mods. These are basic vape device designs that are most efficient and long-lasting. Enjoying the simplicity of these petite devices can help you relish the bold flavors of your e-juice without using up too much in one go.

Use PG Rich Vape Juices

Choosing the right type of vape juice for your regular use can reduce the consumption level significantly. VG or Vegetable Glycerin and PG or Propylene Glycol are the two major constituents of any vape juice. They provide the base for nicotine and flavors in the e-liquid.

While VG contributes to the liquid’s density and influences the size and intensity of vapors, PG is responsible for providing the right throat hit and enhancing the flavor palate. Your e-juice might not give you the expected satisfaction even with high nicotine concentration if it does not have enough PG to pronounce the compounds.

Therefore look for vape juices that offer a 50:50 VG: PG ratio. These liquids will also be slightly thinner than VG rich juices and will be most suitable for low wattage and high resistance devices. The high PG concentration will curb your cravings for fewer puffs, thus reducing vape juice usage.

Enhance The Coil Ohms

Sub Ohm vaping, although it provides a flavorful vaping experience, uses up a lot of vape juice. Raising the ohms will affect the vapor clouds’ density and extend the vape juice usage by a prolonged duration. Therefore explore high ohm coils with your devices to enjoy your vape juice for a long time.

Enhance The Coil Ohms

Clean Your Device Regularly

Clogged vape devices with gunk around critical components such as the wick and coil can severely affect the vaping experience. Vapers tend to draw more and stress the device to achieve a good experience when the device is not cleaned or maintained. In this case, you will end up using too much of the vape juice without actually enjoying every drop of it.

Schedule regular cleaning of your device. Remove every part of the mod and clean under running water or with a cleaning agent to eliminate dirt and sticky residue. Replace components such as the coil and wick whenever necessary to receive an optimum vaping experience without absorbing too much e-juice.

Track Your Vaping 

Being a conscious vaper can save you a lot of money by reducing your e-juice consumption. Track your intake regularly and access the value over a week to know how much resources you spend on the habit. Sometimes you might be vaping more than you wish to simply because you don’t pay much attention to the habit.

If you conclude that you might be vaping too much, take a break from vaping for a few days. It will reduce vape juice usage and give you a break from a vaper’s tongue that could mask the intricate flavors of your e-juice. You can start fresh after a few days with a fresh flavor and enjoy the vaping sessions.


These simple tips can help you create an efficient vaping experience that will give you the satisfaction of enjoying the flavors without draining too much e-liquid. If you are looking for ways to vape on a budget, harness the power of discounts and sales on vape devices and accessories online to stock up on your favorite e-juices at low prices.

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