How to Make Money from Classified Ads

Money makes the world go round. And there are countless ways to make money online. If you already own a classifieds website, count yourself lucky. You can easily turn your site into a multi-billion-dollar business with the right tips and tricks. Read on to learn more!

Charge for Additional Time

The longer an advertisement is posted online, the more potential customers will watch it. So, be sure to charge extra for the additional time spent on displaying your clients’ ads. Even a few hours more can translate to massive sales.

Promote Ads and Charge Something Small

Promoting ads is another way to collect fees. If you want to sell your products quickly, distinguish your ads from others. The best way to do this is to change the color of your advert or mark it with a bright frame. The colorful decoration will attract the recipient’s first sight.

Get Paid To Display the Ads in the First Place

Most website visitors focus on the first results. It’s therefore advisable to make the advert top of the list. This will ensure that the potential buyer doesn’t miss your ad. One of the most popular advertising portals is the DJ-Classified component.  It comes with built-in options that enable you to automatically charge for displaying announcements as the first on the list. For instance, you can get paid to advertise on Amazon.

Get paid for Adding More Images

Uploading more images will allow you to showcase your product more accurately. Plus, it will make your offer look more reliable and attractive. Every customer wants to see a product that’s well-described and presented with comprehensive information.

Get Paid For Extra Description

A detailed description will give the seller a chance to stand out from the competition. Using more words will make their offer more attractive to prospective clients. And you can always charge them for the extra description.

Get Paid In Points

Did you know that it’s possible to create your own virtual money and sell it to online users for real money? Well, now you know. The advantage of this strategy is that you can utilize your closed points system and still charge users for using your website. Users can exchange points for certain activities on your website like promoting their ads, accessing the premium category, and adding a lengthy description.

Have Premium Packages

Selling plan packages to premium users is another incredible way to make money on your classified website. Create different limits for your clients. For instance, you can choose to limit the number of ads added to a specific group and allow them to upload more photos.

Final Thoughts

With a classifieds website, you have a thousand ways to make real money. Charge extra fees for the additional time for displaying ads, charge for incorporating extra images, allow your clients to pay in points, and charge for adding an extra description. These are the surest methods of making money with classified ads. Practice them and earn real money through this method.

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