How to Make Your Airbnb Child-Friendly

Whether you own a countryside cabin, a beachfront hut, or a city-based apartment, making your Airbnb child-friendly increases desirability, expands your potential customer base, and ultimately generates more bookings.

Taking on a trip with a child can be stressful, but knowing that the final destination will be a safe and child-friendly space is hugely appealing and can ease any pre-trip nerves.

Making simple changes to your property can make a huge difference for your guests, and it doesn’t have to mean laying out a huge expense or making a big change to the space or contents. The tips below will help your guests to have a worry-free stay and, as an Airbnb host, you can relax knowing you have done all you can to ensure their safety.

Assess Your Property for Child Safety

Identifying potential hazards is an essential first step in making your property child-friendly. Having a physical walk through, perhaps with someone who is unfamiliar with the space or someone with a child, is a good way of identifying risks you may have overlooked.

Common hazards include:

  • Objects —In child-friendly spaces, less is always better. Any non-fixed objects within reaching distance could be knocked or tripped over.
  • Furniture —Consider moving tables or chairs that are heavy or with sharp edges to an adults-only space. Also be mindful of low-to-the-ground glass coffee tables, which can shatter or crack easily if knocked.

Top tip: Don’t forget about outdoor spaces which guests might enjoy in summer months or will go through in transit, including walkways, gates, garden spaces, and garages.

Make Necessary Adjustments

Once you have identified the risks, take practical steps to mitigate any dangers. It could be something as simple as having a clear out of a cluttered space, moving a coffee table with sharp edges to an adult only space, or a slightly bigger project like installing baby gates.

Each property is unique in its own risks, but some adjustments that can be done easily include:

  • Childproofing electrical outlets or plug sockets
  • Installing baby gates
  • Removing breakable objects (glass especially) from spaces where children might be
  • Providing child-friendly utensils and dishware
  • Child locking cupboards and kitchen spaces where sharp utensils or medicines are kept
  • Adding nightlights to corridors and bedrooms
  • Securing furniture or fixtures to the walls

Top tip: Sometimes, non-preventable accidents can happen. However, having signage installed is one way of highlighting potential risks and encourages parents to be on guard. For example, a sign emphasizing a slippy outdoor area or labeling cupboards and their contents.

Create a child-friendly space

It’s a big relief for parents to have a specific area on the property where they know the children are safe from harm. Designating a play area, whether it’s a whole room or a corner of a shared space, will keep children entertained in one place, making it easier for parents to keep tabs on them.

It’s also a good idea to provide age-appropriate toys, games, and entertainment. As a parent, traveling with additional baggage such as toys or games isn’t always possible. Providing entertainment for the children in the Airbnb means less worry for the adults.

Consider adding bunk beds or a pack-n-play. Providing a similar setup to what guests may have at home will make the experience much easier for your guests. Children may also settle easier if they can share a room, and you can also increase your bed space capacity by having bunk beds.

Top tip: As well as having a child-friendly space, guests also look for an adults-only space. Your listing should showcase any areas where parents can enjoy a late-night meal or picture themselves with a glass of wine.

Communicate with Guests About Child-Friendly Amenities

Once you’ve done the hard work, make sure to shout about it in your listing. Whether it’s an extra bunk bed, a playground within walking distance, or a renovated balcony spot for mum and dad, added amenities really can make all the difference in securing a booking. 

  • Highlight child-friendly features in your listing
  • Provide a list of child-friendly activities and attractions in the area
  • Consider offering additional amenities, such as prams or baby carriers

Top tip: Remember to update your listing any time you upgrade your offering, preferably with photographic evidence. It is possible to hire an Airbnb management company to take care of this for you, allowing you to focus your time elsewhere. Take Frank Porter, for instance, whose “in-house writing team and professional photography team will create the perfect profile to appeal to guests”.

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