How to Make Your Cat and Dog Get Along

The world is full of various stereotypes and misbeliefs, whatever topic you decide to discuss. And one of the most common cliche statements is that cats and dogs cannot be friends. You can come across situations when animals show aggression towards each other, so it is not surprising this stereotype is firmly rooted. And while random dogs can attack cats, you can help your pets become loyal friends.

You should know their characters’ peculiarities and certain tricks and tips that will help you meet the challenge. If you don’t want to choose between a cat and a dog since you like both species and are ready to read dog and cat product reviews, let’s find out how you can get them along.

What is the reason for the strained relationship?

Zoologists claim that cats are not afraid of dogs but avoid unnecessary contact. Dogs crave companionship, while cats are independent creatures that need personal space, and they do not like it when someone violates it.

A dog can approach a cat out of curiosity, but the first acquaintance is unlikely to end in friendship. A kitten will either run away or try to scratch the dog. If the cat runs, it encourages the dog to play catch-up, and if it starts hissing and scratching, it may cause a defensive reaction that will lead to fright or aggression. If their first meeting was a total failure, animals might never make friends. Therefore, it is important to arrange their first meeting in such a way so they don’t have any reason to demonstrate aggression toward each other.

Newbie in the house: how should the owner behave?

When animals are small, it is much easier to make them hit it off. So, if you want to get both a cat and a dog, get them at the same time. The kitty and the puppy will make friends, and you will keep meeting problems to a minimum. However, it often happens that a person has already had one pet and decides to get a new one. If you belong to this category, then keep reading.

An adult cat and a puppy

If you own an adult cat, it is better to take the puppy about 2-3 months old. This will make it easier for pets to hit it off. However, it is worth limiting their contact with each other at first so that a friendly-minded puppy who wants to play with a cat neither faces resistance nor gets scared by the menacing cat. Adult cats are friendly to puppies and often take custody of them. Therefore, there should be no issues.

An adult dog and a kitten

The first meeting between an adult dog and a kitten must be strictly supervised. If the dog treats cats calmly, then the acquaintance will go smoothly. Before the meeting, you should walk and feed the dog, so it will not have any additional reasons for concern. After the first meeting, it is better to place the animals in different rooms.

An adult cat and an adult dog

If you have two adult animals, then it can be more complicated to make them hit it off. You should arrange their first meeting under strict supervision. It is better to muzzle the dog or put the cat in the carrier. Then let them sniff each other. It will most likely take a long time for the animals to get used to a new routine. A cat must have its place in the house where it can feel safe. First, you should watch their meetings and keep your eyes open. Joint walks especially bring pets together. Therefore, you can buy a harness for the cat and walk it with the dog. Outside the home, pets get closer together much faster.

Rules for keeping cats and dogs together

If you decide to get several pets and keep them together, you should do your best to eliminate all possible situations that may evoke jealousy in pets. Otherwise, quarrels will become your daily routine, and you will have to intervene in the conflicts of jealous animals constantly.

Owner’s attention

You should devote your attention and care equally to all the animals in the house. It often happens that people pay more attention to a newcomer than a pet that has been living here for a long time. If you pet the cat, do not forget to pet the dog, and it is better to pet them simultaneously. Don’t forget that animals, like small children, are very jealous. There should be no favorite in your house.


Food can be a crucial reason for a fight. Therefore, feed the animals at one time, and they should have different bowls. Do not place bowls too close to each other. When a cat and a dog eat at one time, they stop feeling competition with each other. Ensure that the dog gets the top rated dog foods and does not help the cat finish its portion. Overeating will harm the dog’s health, and stealing from someone else’s bowl will not help establish a warm relationship between animals.

Rivalry for the best spot

Get ready for a fight between pets at any place in the house. The main thing in this situation is to show that you are the owner of the house. Do not let any of the pets become impudent and try to restore justice in any situation.

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