How to Make Your Kitchen a More Practical Space

The kitchen is a room where you’ll spend a lot of time, whether it’s preparing food, eating, or socializing, so it’s important to get this room right. Kitchens need to be practical, both in terms of the layout and the fixtures and fittings, so here are some tips for a more practical kitchen that you’ll enjoy using every day.


Follow the triangle rule

The triangle rule of kitchen design refers to where your appliances are placed. In the kitchen, there are three places where you’ll need access:

  1. The oven
  2. Your fridge freezer
  3. The sink area

The kitchen triangle design means these things should be placed in a triangular configuration in your layout, without just the right amount of space between them. This ensures you have a clear path to where you need to be, yet don’t have to walk back and forth constantly.

If your kitchen doesn’t have a clear triangle, think about moving things around to make your layout more practical.


Use flooring that’s easy to clean

Many kitchens have wooden or even carpeted, floors, which look good, but aren’t so great when there’s a spill. It’s worth replacing them and finding kitchen floor tiles at Amber, as they’ll be designed especially for these spaces so are easy to clean. Unless you want to spend a lot of time with specialist cleaning products, it’s much better to opt for tile for a clean, hygienic finish.

Create a dining area

Not everyone has a separate dining room in their home. If you have a combined kitchen diner, you may be struggling to make enough space for eating with your family. However, it’s worth creating a dining area within the room, so that you have a distinct, separate space. This can keep the room organized and means you can enjoy each other’s company.

Add plenty of storage

From shelves for your dishes to space for your seasonal items, kitchens need to have plenty of storage. If you don’t have enough storage, stuff will accumulate on the sides and soon make the place look cluttered, so consider adding some extra cabinets or sideboards will help you keep things clear and make your kitchen a more pleasant place to be.


Food safety is key

Your kitchen is ultimately a space made for preparing food, so it’s important that you follow food safety procedures to keep you and your family safe. This may include making sure you have enough cold food storage, or cool, dark cupboards where long-life products can be kept. Also, whatever additions you make need to be easy to clean and sanitize after each use.

Kitchens need to be practical so that they can be kept clean and tidy, and so you can enjoy whipping up your favorite meals. It’s important to spend time organizing the space, as well as choosing a layout that works for the room, and materials that are easy to clean properly. Spending a little time replacing the things in your kitchen that are impractical can make life so much easier.

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