How to Make Yourself More Happy

Do you want to be happier? Most people would say “yes,” no matter how happy they currently are. Better is better, right?

How to Make Yourself More Happy

Here are a few ways to make yourself happier. Try them out, figure out what works for you and then commit to doing those things regularly.


Celebrate The Small Things

Every day has something worth celebrating, even if it’s as minor as a delicious cup of coffee. Get used to loving and celebrating all of the wonderful things in your life, large and small. It’s especially important to give yourself praise for even small accomplishments.


Create a Supportive and Welcoming Home

Your home is your haven, whether you’re there all day because you work from home or you only get a few hours there before it’s time to hit the sack. Either way, your home should support your lifestyle and feel warm and welcoming whenever you walk through the door. Think about the areas of your home that you like the most, then figure out what you can do to spend more time there. For example, if you love a small nook of your living room, put a comfy chair there and a light so you can read. Also, think about the parts of your home that produce stress. For example, if you hate cleaning your kitchen, maybe you can reorganize everything or reduce clutter to make it more functional.


Exercise A Little Bit

If you don’t exercise at all, or if you do make a point to work out most days a week, exercising even a little more than you do now may have positive benefits. Exercise is about so much more than keeping your waistline trim – it can improve your mood and help you relax, too.

Make Yourself Happy

Get Rid of Toxic People

Is there someone who is dragging you down, causing you stress or giving you so much anxiety that you can’t sleep at night? It may be time to cut them out. This isn’t an easy process, whether the toxic person is a friend, family member or co-worker, but if they’re causing more harm than good, it’s time to put your happiness first.


Give Yourself a Time Out

If you’re going about your day and you feel anxious or stressed, take a minute to work through it. It’s a good idea to listen to yourself when you feel like this instead of just trying to power through it. You can do something small, like breathe deeply for five minutes, or something big, like give yourself the entire afternoon off to go on a shopping trip or take yourself to the spa. Stress is never worth it – it can make you sick if you don’t take care of it (and yourself).


Go Outside

If you work in a dark space or spend a lot of time inside, try going outdoors, even if just for a few minutes each day. Natural light can wake you up, give you energy and boost your mood. Can’t spend any time outside today? Swap out your bulbs for full-spectrum bulbs, which is as close to natural sunlight as you’ll get from a lightbulb.


Make Confirmations of Your Happiness

There are all sorts of happiness reminders, short and long, that you can repeat or read every day. If motivational words work for you, create a space where you can store these inspiring messages, like an online photo board or a journal. There are other ways to make daily motivation a part of your life, too, like regular journaling or reading a scriptural commentary.


Can’t seem to find the time for all of these tips? Commit to just one a day for a month. Pick the ones that take up the least amount of time. See how you feel at the end of the month. You may just realize that your happiness is the best thing you could possibly prioritize.

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