How to Move a Car While Relocating: A Complete Guide

Relocation is an exciting phase that comes with lots of responsibilities. A lot many things need to be taken care of to ensure a smooth and stress-free relocation like Move a Car. However, amidst packing household items, we often forget about the important part of our daily life and that is our car. It doesn’t cross our minds till the last moment and at that time we are left with nothing but helplessness. Most of the time we even forget to enquire whether car transportation services are provided by hired movers and packers or not.

No matter whether you are moving to another city or another country, it is really important to decide whether you want to take your car along with you or want to leave it behind. Considering that the car is certainly a big investment, most car owners prefer to move their cars rather than leaving them behind.

In case you are planning to take it along, then look at the following considerations that will help it to reach its final destination with ease. But before that it’s important to know about the problems faced during transporting a car to a new location:

  • It is really difficult to drive a car to a long-distance location, however, it is even impossible for a cross country relocation.
  • It can prove to be more expensive than buying a new car at a new location.
  • Risk of the car getting damaged or mishandled.
  • In case you forget to take insurance, you can be in big trouble in case of a damaged or misplaced article.


  • Moving a car to its new destination requires a lot of preparation to ensure that you face no hurdle in between.
  • Ensure that the car is recently serviced with a fresh oil change.
  • There must be no cracks in the tires and they must be pumped properly, with wipers, taillights, and headlights working properly.
  • You must have all the means to get in touch with the service provider so that you can contact them in case of an emergency.
  • Make sure to keep a map of the route you are taking, it can help you in the case of an emergency or if network signals are disrupted.

Once you have done all the preparations, you need to decide the mode of taking your vehicle.

Drive on your own:

If you are moving intercity and if the distance is not much, you can always drive your car to the new destination. If you are driving yourself, make sure to take short intervals to stretch your legs and eat something. If you have a companion who can drive, it is recommended to take turns driving a car.

However, if the distance is much, you can always hire one of the best car shipping companies to ensure that your car reaches safely your new destination via road.

Hire a driver:

You can also hire a driver, for an interstate movement. The driver will charge accordingly and will safely take you and your car to the new location. It will save you from the hassle of driving yourself and getting tired. Hiring a driver will help you to save energy to unpack and settle down in your new home.

Air or sea:

There are many car shipping companies providing the facility for transporting cars via air or sea. Such service may be a little expensive but for cross country relocations, this is the only way to make your car reach its new destination. Some people may also opt for buying a new car rather than transporting it to a new location because of the expense involved. However, if you still decide to use this expensive medium to transport your car, make sure to look for the insurance policies available, and stay informed about your as well as his responsibility.


For interstate transportation, you can also hire a car shipping company using the train as the medium to transport your vehicle. This is the most economical and viable option for long-distance relocations and also it does not involve any major risk. However, make sure to take an insurance policy to overcome any type of risk involved. Also, take note of the mileage and the fuel meter before the movers finally arrive to take your car.

Considering all these factors, your car relocation to a new destination can be quick and hassle-free. While you consider all these options, do not forget to keep in mind that shipping a car is a tedious and complicated job. It is always preferred to hire professional car shipping companies to ensure safe car transport. You must discuss the job with the experts and ask them to help you understand how they can help you. Once you are satisfied with their claim and process, only then hire a company and allow them to handle your car move.

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