How to Pick a Most Suitable Scrub for Yourself

Working as a nurse is a very rewarding career, and more and more young people are opening their eyes to this fact; in the wake of a global pandemic, we are more indebted to our healthcare professionals than we have been at any other time in history.

The coronavirus outbreak displayed the professionalism and courtesy of our medical workers; they sacrificed their lives, the love of their families, and their safety, to work grueling shifts and combat the virus – they truly deserve all of our thanks.

Working as a nurse can be very stressful for the aforementioned reasons, and it does not need to be any more stressful than that – so our healthcare professionals must have the best fitting and safest equipment possible.

The most important clothing in a nurse day to day-to-day life are scrubs; with such importance weighed heavily upon scrubs, our medical professionals should have the best fitting, most comfortable, and most unrestrictive scrubs that they can, otherwise they cannot do their jobs, nor will they be comfortable when doing so.

Scrubs come in all shapes and sizes and picking the most suitable pair of scrubs for yourself can be slightly disconcerting, so here are some ways to pick the best scrubs to match your body type.

Shop for Scrubs Comparatively

Some many retailers and manufacturers create scrubs and each manufacturer has its unique take on the outfit. When you are making these selections it can be difficult to decide what exactly you want and what exactly will suit your body type; the process can be very irritating and you can find yourself wasting money ordering scrubs from all over the place and never being able to use them.

Scrubs are not the type of outfit you can walk into a shop and try on, rather they are specialized and ordered en masse.

Thankfully, however, there are now many retailers who will make your scrubs custom, so it is important that when shopping for an appropriate pair of scrubs you shop comparatively and find out which retailer offers what and which retailer would be worth spending your money with.

If you are a size that is hard to fit, you should ask your friends or colleagues of a similar build where they purchased their scrubs and hopefully, you should be able to source a pair that meets your criteria.

Know Your Measurements

When you are shopping for scrubs, perhaps the most important thing that you should know is your exact measurements. If you do not know your measurements then you will find it very difficult to order scrubs that are specifically catered to you; you will end up in the aforementioned situation when you are ordering many pairs of scrubs and have no clue whatsoever is the correct size for you.

This is why you should always know your measurements and whenever you order specialized items of clothing you should make sure that you know them exactly.

Taking your measurements is not difficult, rather you can do it on your own at home, or for a more specific measurement go to a seamstress or a tailor and ask them to do it for you. When you have your exact measurements you will be in a better position to get scrubs imported from companies that create individual pieces catering to different body sizes and shapes; you can send your measurements in and ask them to create a piece that matches exactly your size, thereby creating a custom, tailored pair of scrubs, that is a perfect match for your body shape, whatever that is.

scrubs Measurements

Ask a Tailor

If all else fails and you cannot source any custom-made scrubs, then your next best bet would be to ask a tailor. Scrubs are one of the most common uniforms tailored so it is not difficult nor will it be unmanageable for a tailor to adjust your uniform for you – a tailor will be able to reduce it on the sides and bring down the sleeves and pant legs so you can wear your uniform more comfortably.

When attending a tailor, you should make sure that you do not get it cut too slim, as often scrubs need to be baggy for the nature of your work, so make sure that you leave a little bit of fabric still. You should always be comfortable when working in a hospital, as at times, it can be a very uncomfortable job.

A tailor will be able to help you no end and will endeavor to ensure your comfort and freedom of movement in your scrubs. Finding a good tailor can be difficult, so ask around and find one that is peer-reviewed and very professional to save yourself wasted time having to have it re-done.

It cannot be stressed enough that no more in any time in history have we relied upon our healthcare workers as we are now, we should be eternally grateful and we are incredibly indebted to them for their service.

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