How to Plan a Meal for a Week

If you are looking for inspiration to create a weekly meal planning, recipes, but you have no idea where to start. Planning for a week is suitable for a fitness enthusiast who needs to stay on track with personal fitness and health goals.

The crazy schedules that keep changing every week mean that you have to have a plan that will save you time and money while maintaining a healthy eating routine. Investing in good eating habits may seem like a full-time job for a person who has no discipline and cannot deal with time constraints.

Some Tools That May Help in Preparing Your Recipes

  • Glass bowls that you can use to re-heat leftover food
  • Salad jars for dressing
  • A rice cooker to save you time
  • Containers for packing snacks
  • A blender for making sauces, soups, puree, and dressings

Make an Outline of the Meal Planning Recipes

Browse the internet, and you will find plenty of meal planners for download. If you get lucky, most have a resource library on meal preparation plans. Put down a list of the meals you intend to have for the week. Do not forget to write down the days you plan to do takeout. The meal outline helps in putting down all the recipes you need for the whole week.

As you head to the groceries, write the shopping list on the same page because by looking at the recipe on the side, you will get to know what recipe to purchase.

Pin the planner somewhere visible in the kitchen as a reminder of what you need for the next meal.

Eat and Prepare an Almost Similar Breakfast for the Week

Most people do not care so much about breakfast, either because of the limited time you have before heading to work or worry about eating so early in the morning. Get a quick breakfast meal that will get out of your way fast enough.

Most people have a breakfast meal planning recipe with some egg whites or eggcups in it to pack in some energy. Their preparation and packing are easy. You do not have to worry about re-heating them because you can eat them cold or warm depending on personal taste.

Snacks Snacks Snacks

Keep it simple as possible, due to time constraints preparing snacks can be time-consuming, therefore identify enough that can keep you going as you wait for lunch. An example could be protein bars, fruits, vegetable soup, popcorns, smoothies, nuts, and others.

Prepare a Double Serving at Dinner for Leftover Lunches

Singles feel good whenever it comes to eating the last meal either lunch or dinner. No one will bother asking, eat, and save on time, money, and energy. You can always tweak your meal planning recipes by preparing more to be eaten for dinner and the leftovers for lunch.

Meal planning recipes for a family means doubling the portion for everyone and all will still find food for lunch.

Prepare a Set of Lunch for a Whole Week

If you are running through a busy week and don’t see yourself getting home early enough for dinner, why not make one set of the meal for lunches so that you do not have to miss anything on the go.

Choose a Recipe that Works with Similar Ingredients

Take your time and look at meals using similar ingredients but have different nutritional values to the body. For example, you need meal planning recipes with the same kinds of vegetables and protein so that you do not end up buying so many items for less than five methods.

You can play with chicken masala for dinner, then try chicken fiesta for the next meal, move to breasts, etc. do this with different recipes within the week and see how it goes.

Do not forget Your Social Plans

The meal planning recipes you use should be based on the activities for the whole week. Look at what meal goes with the kind of activities you are part of after work. Do you play soccer, go to yoga, go to the gym, or do an evening walk?

Plan for the days you do not feel like having a meal at home, if that is the case, leave that particular day blank for a night out. Most people prefer the weekends saving them for a family outing or a date.

Trying out Meal Planning Recipes may come out a challenge, but when you know how to incorporate your activities and meals, it gets easier.

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