How to: Play Bingo in the UK

Over the many decades, Bingo has been branded by many in various countries as an ‘old person’s game. In actual fact, Bingo is played by a wide range of ages, including those in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

The game known for its balls and calls is a game that’s played by millions around the world, with players grabbing either their physical or virtual daubers on a daily basis.

Whether you’re looking to join players in person down your local Bingo hall, or play Bingo online, there will always be a game ready and waiting for you to daub off the numbers as they’re called.

But how do you play?

Luckily, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to play Bingo, so if you’re new to the weird and wonderful world of Bingo, or you feel you need a refresher before your next game, we’ve got your back.

Scroll down to find out how to play Bingo.

What is Bingo?

Bingo is a game of probability, where players never know what number will be called out next for them to try and daub off.

Each game consists of either 75 or 90 balls – here in the UK, 90 ball games are the most commonly played.

Each player taking part will have a Bingo card or ticket, with boxes containing 15 numbers between 1 – 90, with some squares left blank. The ticket is comprised of nine columns and three rows.

In the first column, you’ll find numbers between 1-9, in the second column 10-19, third 20-29, fourth 30-39, and so on. This helps players to find the called number on their card more quicker.

How to play

In every game of Bingo, whether this is played online or in person, there will be a caller calling out the numbers for you to daub off your Bingo card. Online games are usually called out by a computer-generated voice unless the game itself is live-streamed.

To begin a game, the Bingo caller usually announces the game is about to begin by saying, “eyes down”.

Shortly after this is called, the game begins, with the caller calling the first randomly selected number. Many Bingo halls and online games use traditional Bingo calls when they call out the number, whilst also repeating the call twice, for clarification of the number for all playing along.

If the called number is on your Bingo ticket, use your dauber to daub off the number. If you daub a line, and no one else has called one yet, you can call it “Bingo!”. A member of staff will then confirm your line and the game will resume.

If you manage to daub an entire box of 15 numbers, call “Bingo!” again to claim the game prize.

If you’re playing online, you can call Bingo by clicking the Bingo button and your prize will be automatically awarded to you and placed into your bankroll.

Now you know how to play, where will your next game of Bingo take place – in person or online?

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