Your Complete Guide on How to Play Fantasy Football

Your Complete Guide on How to Play Fantasy Football

Are you a die-hard fan of football or if you want to have an entirely new experience of playing football, the one where ONLY YOU decide who is going to be in your team? You have landed to right place, a guide which tells you everything that you should know about fantasy football. So, what exactly fantasy football is? Well, it is a stat based game which is played on the basis of real life stats of NFL players for competition against each other. You are the ‘sole boss’and chose the NFL players for your team. In the beginning of football season, the performance of the players adds to their score to determine the winner fantasy team. You can also download the fantasy football app, to stay catchup with news and updates.


So, let’s begin how exactly you can play this game; remember you can get started with your fantasy football easily game at CBS Sports.


Determine the Size of Your Team:

Good news for the managers of fantasy football is you can decide to keep the size of your team as large or small as you wish it to be. The number of your team can range from four to even thirty players. A trick here to keep good layers on the list is to keep ideal number of 12 players in your team, but you can include more players to keep best players with you.


Method to Pick Players:

Most of the leagues in fantasy football select players through draft method. In this method, the owners or ‘general managers’ of the team take turns to choose players. There is another method to pick players is auction method. This method works the same way an auction does; teams begin with fantasy money to bid and nominate players turn by turn. The one with highest bid on a player, wins.


Determining the Schedule of the Game:

This game works similar to that of NFL season. There are also customized options for categories that owners choose to compare and determine the performance of the players each week during the fantasy football season. Each league has its schedule against the other fantasy team every week and the owners score based upon how the players perform in their real life football games. When the games of the NFL season go towards the end, week 13 or 14, the winning and losing team will be go towards elimination playoff, until one team is left, declared as the champion of the season.


Method to Determine Scores:

When the schedule is set, the next phase to see how the scoring method works. Scoring for each team depends upon the leagues, moreover, there can be a standard scoring system set by the platform through which the leagues play. In such standard scoring system, each player is awarded with points and touchdown which is increased or decreases according to the performance of the player. There are also bonus points set by leagues for the team when it reaches a certain milestone.

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