How to Prepare for a Really Long Gaming Session

Gaming is a serious business. Anyone who tells you otherwise clearly hasn’t spent hours trying to coordinate between 15 and 20 people as they prepare for a big MMO raid.

You need time, focus, and enough presence of mind to be an effective player and make sure your team gets the job done.

If you’re planning a long gaming session, you need to get properly ready.

While it can be a little tricky to stay concentrated for hours on end and play just as effectively during hour one as during hour five, it’s far from impossible.

The only thing you need are some useful tips that will help you prepare, and that’s exactly why we’re here.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to game like a real pro.

Get some sleep

You might push through an hour or two of weariness, but if you plan a longer gaming session, then you need to be well-rested. How are you going to stay fully alert during critical times if you can barely keep your eyes open?

The more tired you are, the worse you’ll play, and you won’t really enjoy the session if all you can think about is your soft, warm beds and how nice it would be to just take a small nap.

So, get at least eight hours of sleep the evening before and consider taking a 20-minute nap right before the session is about to start.

Eat well and grab snacks

Hunger can be really distracting. If you want to avoid crankiness and loss of focus during game time, make sure you eat well that day and prepare a few healthy snacks for the evening.

When we say healthy, we don’t necessarily mean you have to chew on a celery stick. But try to avoid chips, nachos, or similar snacks because they’ll leave your keyboard greasy and they’re bad for your health.

A good option would be to prepare some GORP (good old raisins and peanuts).

Bring the right drinks

The thing you definitely want to have on your desk is plain old water because it will help you stay hydrated and prevent thirst from distracting you too much, but you can also bring a more fun drink into the mix.

Feel free to stock up on a few delicious gamer drinks because quality drinks can actually help you stay focused and alert when you need them the most.

Look for drinks that contain nootropics and adaptogens because these ingredients can actually help lower stress levels in your body and increase your mental capacity.

Clean your room (or at least your desk)

No, we’re not your mother, we’re not just trying to hassle you to clean your room for no reason. However, a clean room and a clean desk can also ease your stress and help you feel more organized, which is crucial during a long raid.

If your surroundings are clean and neat, your brain will feel more at ease and you’ll have an easier time keeping your eyes on the game.

Let your household know you don’t want to be disturbed

Some people in your home might not understand that an MMO game cannot be paused. Make sure to let them know you don’t want to be disturbed for a few hours if you want to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Load up the right playlist

If you plan to spend most of your time in a voice chat you probably won’t need music, but if you want to play alone then some background noise is a good idea. Load up your playlist with your favorite songs and try to choose something with a faster beat that will keep you in a good mood.

Exercise beforehand

Sitting around for hours on end can make you feel incredibly stiff and sore, and your spine won’t be happy if you don’t get any kind of physical activity during the day.

Being so sedentary can also make you feel more tired and stressed, and a nice little workout is a great way to counter that.

You can find plenty of great workouts online, so choose the one that suits your mood and you’ll feel a lot better when you sit down to the game. If you don’t want to do a workout, try to at least go for a walk that day.

Time your breaks

Since you have to take breaks just to clear your head and go to the bathroom, try to think ahead and time them so you take a five-minute break after every dungeon, or during a convenient moment within a raid.

It would be good to coordinate with the rest of your team so you could take breaks together and make sure everyone is present for the action when you return.

Get cozy

A good gaming chair and a desk that’s suited to your height are essential if you want to be a pro gamer. Not only will it save you from a lot of backaches, but it’s also a lot more pleasant to sit in during gaming sessions and can keep you more at ease.

And lastly, remember that you’ll perform better if you’re happy, relaxed, and ready to have fun.

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