How to Prepare for Your Video Interview

Many companies conduct video interviews for a variety of reasons these days. There are safety concerns, of course, and many businesses opt to do video interviews to limit how many people enter their buildings and ensure that their property stays safe and clean.

In many cases, it makes sense to do video interviews because companies are looking for candidates all across the world. Most of their candidates may not be able to fly in for an interview with no guarantee that they will get the job, so the video interview is the way to go.

How do you make sure you are well prepared for this kind of interview? Maybe you interviewed in the past but did it in person and you are not sure how to get yourself ready for a video interview. If that is the case, then we have some helpful tips for you.

Treat It Like a Regular Interview

There is a temptation when it comes to video interviews to treat them informally, as though they are not as important as in-person interviews. We want to warn you about that kind of trend, however, and help you to sidestep this mistake.

Make sure you are thinking of the video interview as just as formal and important as an in person interview. Your video interview could land you the job, or it could cause you to lose the job. You want to make sure that you are dressed your best, that you are behaving yourself professionally, and that you are keeping the environment around you tidy, organized, and free from distractions.

That video interview should be taken with care. You want to prepare yourself ahead of time just as you would for any kind of interview. Take time to check your appearance, make sure you’re well rested, and eat a healthy meal ahead of time as well. All of these little things are important because they add up to creating a positive appearance and helping you perform well during the interview.

Study for the Position

You want to know a little bit about the company and the position you will be interviewing for. Find out what the company does and what would make you a good fit for the particular position you are being interviewed for. If you don’t know the answer to basic questions about the job or the business, you may fail at the start of the interview.

The business will want to make sure that you know what you’re getting into so that they’re not hiring someone who just wants any job. They want you to want that particular job. Check out the company website and try to find out some of the responsibilities of the job as well. A lot of those responsibilities may be listed in the advertisement for the job, and you may want to keep a list of the responsibilities close by you while you interview.

Keep a Clean Environment

This is one aspect of the video interview that many people fail. They make sure that their appearance is neat, but they make the mistake of leaving the environment around them looking dirty and disorganized.

You want to ensure that your home or wherever you’re having the video interview from looks clean and neat. If necessary, you may need to hire professional cleaners. You could choose a Las Vegas clean co like Imagine and have them clean your home for you ahead of the interview.

The important thing is that the space around you looks clean. Do a test video on your computer or phone first before the interview occurs. That way you know how much of the room will be shown on the video. You may want to pick a room that is already clean or that is easy to clean. You may not need to have cleaners tidy the whole house, but having them clean up the room you are videoing from is very important.

What you’re attempting to do is to make a good impression on the interviewer and the company that is looking to hire you. You want to show them that you’re organized, that you take the interview seriously, and that you can be neat and clean.

Have Questions of Your Own Prepared

Knowing about the company you’re interviewing for is important so that you can answer questions they may ask you, but you also want to be prepared with a few questions of your own. You should find out specifically how much they are willing to pay, what the hours are for the position, what your duties would be, how soon you would start, and other questions that might be pertinent to you. Make out a list of questions you might want to ask, and you should have an opportunity to ask at least a few of them.

Be careful about asking too many questions about money, or the interviewer may think that money is all you care about. Be careful with your questions, because you want to ask them in a way that makes you sound intelligent and helps you come off as someone who has thought a lot about the position they’re interviewing for.

Inspect Video Equipment

You also want to look at your video equipment to make sure it works properly before the interview. It would be a shame if you ran into some problems that could not be corrected in time for the interview, and then you only realized those problems at the time of the interview. To prepare yourself, record yourself before the interview time and make sure your video equipment is working, whether that’s on your phone or your computer.

This will allow you to adjust settings, camera height, camera position, and other factors that will help make sure everything goes smoothly. Doing a test video ahead of time helps you find a good angle through the video and ensures that you look your best. If you haven’t bothered to make sure your video equipment is working properly ahead of the interview and you run into some problems, that can make you look very unprepared to the interviewer.

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