How to Prevent an Accident on Your Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is one of the best ways to enjoy the roads.  You don’t have to have the separation from the outside air that a car forces on you, and the mobility and speed are unmatched.  Riding a motorcycle as your main transit would be perfect if it wasn’t for other drivers.

Unfortunately, because of how most people act when driving, many motorcyclists are put at risk or killed every year.  Of course, nobody wants to be part of those numbers, so here are a few ways to prevent a crash while riding your motorcycle.


Drive Defensively

Whether you like it or not, it’s often up to bikers to protect themselves from other drivers.  This step can mean that you keep a distance from other vehicles at all times, but it may also mean that you have to be overly-safe to protect yourself.  Many car drivers feel safe enough in their cars that they practice unsafe behavior every day.  On their phones, messing with their music and having heated conversations while driving, it all adds to a lot of distracted driving.  Be careful to keep an eye out for any of this behavior.


Watch Your Surroundings

Not every road is safe for bikers.  Gravel, slick road, sand, and dirt are dangers most times of the year.  These can make a bikers skid out and end up sanding off portions of their skin or getting gravel embedded in their arms.  Avoid these portions of the road, or plan to wear more safety equipment than usual.


Wear Protective Clothing

There are three staples that every biker should wear at all times when riding.  A helmet, sturdy gloves, and boots or shoes thick enough to protect your feet.  Of course, there are full jackets and pants that you can wear to protect yourself, but it’s not always feasible to carry all of that around.  Don’t ever go riding without these three main items, or skidding out could turn out badly or debilitate.  It doesn’t matter how practiced you are at evading trouble if your rear tire blows out, and you’re caught fishtailing while trying to stop you could skid out just as quickly.


Check Weather Daily

This step may seem obvious, but a lot of people avoid it.  Check your local weather for the day to plan.  Hard rain can feel like bullets hitting you while you’re riding, and ice on the road can be deadlier than a car crash.  It’s just a couple of seconds of research in the morning that may save you from calling a motorcycle accident lawyer in St. Louis to help cover your medical expenses if you spin out.

Regardless of why you decided to ride a motorcycle, whether it’s the lifestyle or how much money it saves on gas and insurance, you should be aware of the dangers.  Do what you can to protect yourself while you ride so that you can keep both wheels on the ground and live and ride longer.

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